Frequently Asked Questions

2. Registration

Q:Can a camper attend more than one week of Camp in one summer?
A:Yes!  Campers are encouraged to attend two week if schedules allow.  Campers should register for both sessions.  If weekly sessions are back to back, parents/guardians are required to pick up the camper at the end of closing ceremonies of the first session (10:00AM), grab lunch and relax somewhere off campus, then return to camp at 2:00PM to check-in the camper for the 2nd week. Please be aware attending back to back weeks will be very tiring for most campers.

Q:What if a camper is unable to attend any of the scheduled weeks or a different week they are not qualified for?  
A:We’d love to have your camper attend! Parents and guardians can contact the camp office to discuss options for attendance at 610.689.0173.

4. Contacting your camper

Q:Can my camper call home?
A:We have found that children can avoid homesickness by getting involved in the activities. Campers are discouraged from making telephone calls home as this invariably makes them more homesick.

If a camper asks to call home, they will be encouraged to wait until Wednesday to call because we find that by that point most cases of homesickness have worked themselves out on their own.

1. General Camp Information

Q:This is my child's first time at camp, what do we need to know?
A:Welcome! We're glad you're here! And you will not be the only one here for for the first time (even if you're in high school). Our campers tell us they make new friends on the very first day of camp, every year.

A day at camp is very busy, full of activities, crafts, swimming, singing, devotionals and campfires. And you'll have quiet time to read, study and relax. You will have the chance to meet God in a very unique setting.

Parents, you can find more information about policy and procedures in our Parent Guide, available at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us! Our main office phone number is 610-689-0173 and our general email is We love to hear from you!

Q:When is check-in and how does it work?
A:Registration begins promptly at 2:00 pm and ends at 3:00 pm on the Saturday of your campers week. Please do not drop your camper off early. It is highly recommended that a parent or guardian be with your camper during registration. During registration we will make sure you are paid in full, your camper has canteen money to spend, provide your cabin assignment, and turn in any medications to the Nurse. Since each week is tailored to specific age groups, there may be additional people to see at registration. Once you are through registration, you may return to your car to retrieve your camper’s items and proceed to his/her cabin.

Q:When do I pick up my camper?
A:Camps closing celebration begins at approximately 10:00 am the following Saturday from arrival. This is held upstairs of Garrett Hal. The celebration involves singing, camper awards, a video presentation of the week and a brief message from the Camp Director. Parents are highly encouraged to attend this special event.

Q:Can someone else pick up my child?
A:Yes, as long as we have written authorization from you. You may add someone to your account as an Authorized Pickup during the online registration process.

We can only release campers to a parent/guardian or an authorized pickup.

2. Registration

Q:What is the financial policy?
A:1. At the time of registration ALL campers will pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 to secure their spot.

2. The remaining balance for the session must be paid 1 week prior to the start of the child’s week at camp.

a. Failure to pay the balance by this time results in an additional $25 late fee.

b. Any cancellations will forfit the deposit and any camper fees paid over the deposit amount will be credited to your account to be used within the following year. (Example: If a parent pays a total of $275 and the camper is unable to attend, $175 will be credited to the account the other $100 represents the
nonrefundable deposit.)

3. Registrations occurring within the last week of camp will result in an additional $25 late fee.

Q:What discounts do you offer?
A:$50/$50 Bring a Friend Discount:

Anyone registering for camp (even if it's your first time)
Bring one first time camper with you to your week and receive $50 off your registration. Bring two first time campers? Receive $100 off! This discount applies to any number of first time campers that you bring. The maximum savings is $300. Each friend that you bring will also receive $50 off their registration!

To claim this discount:
1) You and your friend must be registered for and attend the same week
2) You must bring a friend who has never attended Camp Manatawny.
4) The friend must not be a family member living in the same household.

Early Registration Discount:
Save $25 when paid in full by April 30!

Multi Camper Discount:
Available for families with two or more children from the same household attending camp. The discount Saves $25 and is applied to the second or more child. The campers must be immediate family or legal guardian to qualify.

Q:Do you offer financial assistance?
A:Yes, Camp is updating the financial aid process. We should have the new guidelines available by Feb. 1, 2016. Please check back for instructions on how to apply for financial aid.

Q:Are Sponsorship's available from churches?
A:Yes. Many churches pay and are willing to assist a child to go to camp, so please check with your congregation to see if they are willing to assist you. If you have an agreement to be Sponsored by your church, ask them for their "Sponsorship Code". During the registration process you'll be asked for this code at check out. You must still be registered one week prior to the session your attending. Multi child discounts do apply to church sponsorships.

3. Camp Store (Canteen)

Q:How much money does my camper need for the Camp Store?
A:We suggest a total of $20-$40 per week.

Snacks and soda range in price from .50 - $2. We have many items like shirts, hats, water bottles, magnets, and much more. Any balance at the end of the week is donated to camp.

Q:How do I add money to my child's canteen account?
A:In the toolbar at the top of the page, click on "Additional Options." Choose "Store" from the list.

On the next page, click the link to "Add money to the camp store/manage store accounts."

Your account must have a summer camp registration on it in order to set up a store account.

Follow the directions from there.

Q:What if my store account has a balance at the end of the week?
A:Any balance at the end of the week will be donated to camp. Most campers do not have a problem with spending all their money.

4. Contacting your camper

Q:How can I contact my camper?
A:Campers truly love to receive letters from home. They receive their mail each day after lunch and always look forward to this time, and receiving a hand written letter is very special. Since "snail mail" can take three to five days for delivery, preparation (send letters even before camp begins) and patience are necessary—but a hand-written letter is often kept for years. Take the time to write a letter, we think this is one of the most memorable parts of a camping experience.

It is acceptable to send packages to your camper, but we ask for your help in using good judgment in doing so. Remember food and candy are not allowed in the cabins and some cabin mates may not receive any mail or packages.

Example: Letter & Package Address
Camper Name
Camp Manatawny
33 Camp Rd.
Douglassville, PA 19518

Q:Can I visit my camper?
A:In our experience, we have found that parents/guardians visiting their children during their week can be extremely disruptive to the camp experience. This will also add to any homesickness that a camper may be feeling.

Therefore, Parents/Guardians may not visit the camp during their child’s stay. We look forward to seeing every parent/guardian attend the closing ceremonies.

Q:What if my camper is homesick?
A:Sometimes children experience homesickness, especially if they have not been away from home or have not previously been to Camp Manatawny. There are several effective ways of helping your child work through the sadness of being away from home. Sometimes this may take a few days, so please be prepared! Based on our experience with children and homesickness, we suggest the following strategies:

Please do not promise your child that you will come and pick them up if they call home. This may set them up for failure.

Understand that there are many people working to help your child have a successful experience: Directors, counselors, the Nurse and many others.

Extreme cases of homesickness are managed by the Director. If it is advisable, we will call you to discuss options about how to manage your child’s situation.

It is helpful if you make immediate contact with your child by sending a letter early in the week (some parents prepare them ahead of time so they can be mailed early enough to arrive on Monday or Tuesday of the child’s week).

If you, as the parent, are having a bad case of missing your child, please do not let on! Of course, let them know that they are missed and loved, but encourage them to make new friends and to have a great time staying at Camp Manatawny.