Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Do I have a better chance of getting in if I send my application in right away?
A:As long as the registration and deposit are received online or with a postmark no later than October 30th, your application will be treated in the same manner as all others received by that date.

Q:Does asking for financial aid change my chances of being accepted?
A:No. Financial aid requests are not part of the priority enrollment or waiting list determination. In addition, all financial aid requests are processed confidentially.

Q:How do I register online, and does it cost me anything?
A:Registering online is quick and easy! Simply go to our website,, and click on the “Register Online” button. Then, simply follow the instructions. If you have registered a camper for a previous summer, you will already have an online account. Feel free to call the Herzl Camp office for your login information. This registration does not cost more, in fact, it saves you a stamp and all registrations are processed in real time! You can pay with a credit card, electronic check or automatic withdrawals from your checking account. All registrations require a minimum of a $300 deposit. If we are unable to register your child in their desired program, your $300 deposit will be refunded in full. You will receive an e-mail confirmation so that you know your registration was received. Once your registration has been fully processed, you will receive another confirmation.

Q:How is the acceptance order determined?
A:Acceptance order is only determined if the number of registrants meeting the postmark date exceeds the number of spaces in a program. Within each program, the order is determined by a random drawing of names. Once the session is full, the drawing continues to determine the order of the waiting list.
**NOTE: For the summers of 2006-2009, there were NO waitlists formed following the registration due date.

Q:What happens if my registration is postmarked/received online on October 31st or later?
A:The registration will not be processed until all registrations postmarked from October 30th or earlier have been processed.

Q:What if I have an overdue balance from the past?
A:Your registration will not be processed until that balance is addressed. You should contact the office right away to make arrangements if you have a balance from a previous summer.

Q:What should I do after I register my child for camp?
-Schedule a doctor’s appointment for your child now, for late March or April, to be sure that we get accurate and up-to-date medical information. In March, a form will be mailed to you for your physician to fill out and sign.

-At the end of March, you will receive information about filling out camp forms (bunking requests, Health History, Camper info, etc), packing lists, luggage tags and more. This is a good time to review the Herzl Camp Parent Guide, which is available in the Document Center. This guide will answer many questions for you about Herzl Camp.


Q:What if my child has to fly to Minneapolis/St. Paul?
A:Herzl Camp makes every effort to ensure that the transportation experience is smooth for every camper, whether they live five minutes from camp, or 5 hours from camp. Our well trained and energetic staff meet all campers flying into MSP International at their gate and escort them to baggage claim, and then up to camp on a fully equipped motor coach. On the last day of camp, our staff escort campers to their gates and wait until their flights have safely departed.

Campers flying into MSP International Airport should arrive on the opening date of their session as close to, but NO LATER THAN 12:00pm CST. Return flights should be scheduled for the last date of the session as close to, but no earlier than 1:00pm CST. If you have any questions, please check with the Herzl office before booking your flights.