Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Are the Cabins on the Lake?
A:Although our cabins do not have a lake view, a short 3-5 minute walk down the hill from the retreat center cabins or the swim path at the family camp takes you to our private lakefront access.

Q:Are there laundry facilities at camp?
A:Yes, guests are welcome to use our high capacity washer and dryer at family camp for $3 per load. Union Laundry is also a 15 minute drive.

Q:Can I bring my hair dryer?
A:You can bring it, but you can’t use it. Our cabin’s electrical wiring just isn’t designed to handle high-current appliances like hair dryers. You can always tell when someone sneaks in a hair dryer because the lights go out in a whole row of cabins.

Q:Does the camp provide linens and towels?
A:Yes, participants are provided a set of linens (sheets, pillow, blanket and towel set) for the week. Please note they are not changed out during the week.

Q:What are the family camp cabins like?
A:Each pine, one-room cabin is clean, bright and spacious. They feature a bathroom, separate shower and an extra vanity sink in the main cabin area. Simply put, our cabins are simple, in the New England tradition. There are creature comforts like reading lights, rocking chairs, comfortable beds (queen mattress and box spring for the parents/twin mattresses for the kids), and a writing table. Outside, you will find two Adirondack chairs to enjoy the warms days and good books.

Q:What are the retreat center cabins like?
A:Each cabin has its own private bathroom. Cabins sleep 1-2 people with twin beds that can be pushed together to make a King. Simply put, our cabins are simple, in the New England tradition. There are creature comforts like reading lights, comfortable beds, and a writing table. Outside, you will find Adirondack chairs to enjoy Maine’s warm days and a good book.

Q:What type of amenities do you have?
A:Medomak encompasses 250 acres of blueberry fields, forest and pristine lakeshore. Trails for hiking, a tennis court, basketball courts, kayaks and canoes are here for your enjoyment.

Family Camp

Q:Can I attend activities with my children
A:Absolutely, that’s why we’re a family camp!

Q:Do Adult Campers have to attend activities?
A:No. This is your vacation, and we want you to enjoy yourself. That means being as active or as relaxed as you want. Some adults end up being our most enthusiastic campers and participate in every activity we can throw at them. Other adults feel perfectly content to read a book in a chair by the lake. We encourage both and there is never any pressure.

Q:Do my children have to attend activities?
A:We highly encourage your children to participate in activities. However, if they choose not to participate, they must be supervised by a parent.

Q:Do you provide babysitting services?

Q:How are your groups divided for activities?
A:We divide our campers into groups according to ages of the campers each given week. Each morning is spent getting to know your peers while participating in age appropriate activities.

Q:Is this a good setting for family reunions or multiple families attending together?
A:Yes. Many families have come to camp with a related family or neighbor. When planning to bring multiple families to the camp, please consider a few things. We ask that multiple families attending as a group understand that they are part of a larger group of family campers that may or may not already know each other. Our goal is to create a community of all the families attending and we require family groups be aware of this dynamic. Our retreat center is also a wonderful setting for family reunions or groups that don’t necessarily require a lot of programming and desire exclusivity. Ask us about available dates.

Q:What is the ideal age of a camper at Medomak?
A:The best age for a camper at Medomak is five and older. A child needs an attention span of at least an hour to enjoy our morning activities. However, during scheduled morning activities children 2-4 can participate in supervised preschool activities. Please be aware during all other times all children are expected to be under the care of their parents.

Q:What type of activities do you offer?
A:Every summer our activities include arts & crafts, archery, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, massage, nature, land sports and multiple other activities that vary depending on the talents of our staff.


Q:Can you accommodate special diets?
A:We provide well-balanced, varied meals. With notice, we can accommodate vegetarian/vegan diets. All meals have essential components that are gluten-free, but folks with celiac disease may be concerned that our kitchens cannot account for cross-contamination. Folks that prefer to eat gluten-free (or other special diets) may wish to bring along personal items to supplement their preferences.

Q:What are your meals like?
A:Our professional chefs pride themselves on fresh, delicious and hearty meals that are served family-style in our historic lodge. We take pleasure in the fresh organic blueberries, herbs and vegetables from our garden, local produce and seafood, and overall quality and variety. Fresh pasteurized milk from our cows enables us to make our own yogurt, butter, cheese and ice cream. Is the food good at Medomak? It is one of the reasons we have a high return rate!

Your Stay at Medomak

Q:Are pets allowed?
A:While we realize that your pet is another member of your family, for the safety of our participants we ask that you leave your pets at home. We will be happy to put you in touch with local kennels if needed.

Q:Do participants have access to refrigeration for medications, special foods...?
A:Yes, a common refrigerator is located in the lodge for participants to refrigerate necessities.

Q:Does tuition cover everything at the Medomak Family Camp and Retreat Center?
A:Tuition covers lodging, food and activities. We do not charge a rental fee for our boats or equipment. The only additional costs at Medomak are for (optional) massages, items purchased at our camp store (T-shirts, penny candy, post cards, etc.) and for our retreat center, fees for children to attend our family camp.

Q:How far is Medomak from the ocean?
A:Medomak is a short 30-minute drive to more than five port towns.

Q:What is there to do locally?
A:The mid-coast area of Maine has so much to offer. The Farnsworth Museum in Rockland houses one of the largest collections of Wyeth paintings. Numerous port towns with lighthouses and lobster pounds are sure to delight. Travel to the peninsula of Port Clyde and take a ferry to Mohegan Island, a small, rocky island ten miles from the mainland and scarcely a square mile in area. It is accessible only by boat and there are no cars or paved roads on the Island. It has long been a destination for artists, hikers, birders, and nature lovers. Local artisans, wineries, museums, outlet shopping and of course state and National parks make for some tough choices when you are in the mood to explore!

Q:What is your alcohol policy at Medomak?
A:We do allow adults to bring their own alcohol to camp to be consumed responsibly: For safety reasons, we also ask that you refrain from consuming alcohol when boating and swimming. To put it plainly, alcohol & water activities don’t mix.

At our family camp, please remember that we are all role models – someone may be looking up to you – are your actions something you want to teach someone younger than yourself? Please keep this in mind if you are consuming alcohol. Strict moderation is OK. Getting drunk is not.

Q:What is your smoking policy at Medomak?
A:Smoking (including pipes, cigars, and cannabis) is ONLY allowed in a designated area. For the enjoyment of other campers as well as their safety (think FIRE HAZARD), we ask that you respect this policy.

Q:Will I have time on my own?
A:Yes. Sessions are scheduled throughout the day but participants are welcome to choose to attend or not and instead explore our historic property and the surrounding area.

Getting There

Q:How do I get to Medomak Camp?
A:If you’re flying, the closest airport is in Portland Maine (PWM) 80 minutes away. Other options are Boston or Manchester New Hampshire both are just a 3-hour drive from Medomak. Medomak does not offer car service so a car rental is necessary. If you are driving we are 30 minutes from Augusta & Camden, 3 hours from Boston and 7 hours from NYC.