Frequently Asked Questions

Camp FAQs

Q:Can I add Early Drop Off, Booster Lessons, or an additional Session?
A:Early Drop-off is not available.
If you would like to add Booster Lessons before or after the camp day for extra instruction or to extend the camp day please email!

Campers are able to add additional sessions as long as there is space available. However, we strongly recommend adding sessions in advance as there may not be space available.

Q:Can my child leave their instrument at the school overnight?
A:Rock Band students are not able to leave instruments overnight because we do not have a dedicated locked space.

Q:How will lunch work?
A:All 15-17 year olds are allowed off-campus for lunch. For 12-14 yr olds, parents can choose during your registration whether your child is allowed off campus for lunch and also if you would like for them to self dismiss or be picked up at the end of the camp day.

Kids 8-11 are not allowed off campus for lunch.

Campers not allowed to leave for lunch should pack a lunch with drinks, snacks, and anything they will need. They will not be able to leave and purchase anything once the camp day starts.

During lunch, we will have several designated lunch rooms with a staff member present where campers can gather and eat together.

Q:How will pick-up and drop-off work?
A:Parents will pick up and drop-off campers at the entrance of the building. A staff member will be present to greet you!

Q:My child is in a band but we don't have an electric guitar or bass!
A:No problem! Select “Reserve Instrument” on your sign-up form for $60 per session and we will have an instrument waiting for your child.

NOTE: If you are enrolled in the Rock Band 101 program you do NOT need to reserve an instrument - We will have instruments available for your camper to use.

Q:What does my camper need for the first day?
A:First and foremost, they should bring their sincere desire to rock, readiness to be collaborate, and open-ness to be challenged!

They should also bring:

Lunch, water, and drinks or snacks or money for lunch.
Guitarists & bassists should bring their instruments, cable, tuner, pick and any effects pedals.
Kids 8-11: Bring Computer/tablet for your afternoon Music Production class.

NOTE: We believe that protecting young musicians’ hearing is IMPORTANT. We will provide ear plugs to all Rock Band Campers. Please encourage them to WEAR ear plugs during rehearsals!

Q:When I should arrive for camp?
A:On the first day, please arrive up to 20 min early so that we have time to welcome each camper and you can meet your coach and band members! On all following days, please arrive between 5-10min before the start of camp. Our staff will check students in at the lobby so that parents can drop off at the building entrance.

Q:Where is camp?
A:All Rock Bands Camps are in the heart of New York City at the incredible Funkadelic Studios - a fully equipped professional music rehearsal studio that we rent out especially for camp.

Funkadelic Studios is located at 209 W 40th St 5th Floor, New York, NY 10018.