Frequently Asked Questions


Q:What is required at registration?
A:At the time of registration, you will first need to create an UltraCamp account. You will select the session(s) you are interested in, complete some demographic information about your camper, select a payment method, and fill out a few short forms. We require a $250 deposit (per session) to hold your spot. Final payment is due June 1st.

Q:What is Canteen?
A:Canteen is the general term we use to refer to our camp store - this includes all of the merchandise we sell online and the ad-hoc purchases campers may need to make during their stay with us.

At camp, campers can buy things like forgotten or misplaced items (toothbrushes, deodorant, flashlights, swim caps, etc) or snacks and a drink during our daily snack period. For this, we ask that families leave a small amount of money in their camper's canteen account that they can make purchases from. You will add this money during the registration process.

The latest Camp Ma-He-Tu fashions in t-shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts are available for purchase online and can be delivered to your camper during their session.


Q:When are forms due?
A:All forms - digital and scanned - are due ONE MONTH prior to your first session start date.

Q:How to Submit Forms
A:Insurance Card and COVID-19 Card: You can take a picture with your phone and submit forms via UltraCamp using your photos album. You can also scan the cards and upload them via UltraCamp on your computer. We will not accept these forms via email.

Health Recommendations (MD) Form: Your doctor's office may ask you to drop off the forms. They can easily fax them directly back to us using the custom camper-specific cover page generated from UltraCamp.

Download a custom form for each camper from the Document Center. A unique barcode will be attached to the form so it can be faxed or emailed back to your account. Alternatively, you may also scan the form to your account.

Be sure to include any special attachments like your Immunization record, Asthma action plan, Emergency action plan, etc in the same document/scan.

Q:Completing Digital Forms
A:Most forms can be completed within UltraCamp electronically on your computer or phone! You can save and return to many of the forms if you aren't ready to complete them right away. You can also edit forms if anything changes prior to camp. Forms are due ONE MONTH prior to the session start.

Please read all questions carefully and provide as much information as possible to help us take the best care for your camper.