Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Bus Transportation

Q:Bus Times for East One Bus Route
A:East One Bus Route
NW Gospel Church - Camas
7:50am - Departure Time
4:20pm - Drop Off Time (Final Stop)
1420 NE 3rd Avenue Camas, WA

NW Gospel Church - East Vancouver
8:10am - Departure Time
4:00pm - Drop Off Time
305 NE 192nd Avenue Vancouver, WA

Q:Bus Times for East Two Bus Route
A:East Park Church
8:05am - Departure Time
4:15pm - Drop Off Time (Final Stop)
15815 NE 18th Street Vancouver, WA
(NE Side of parking lot)

Fourth Plain Church of the Nazarene
8:20am - Departure Time
4:00pm - Drop Off Time
16807 NE Fourth Plain Boulevard Vancouver, WA

Q:Bus Times for East Three Bus Route
A:Brush Prairie Baptist Church
8:15am - Departure Time
4:00pm - Drop Off Time (Final Stop)
11814 NE 117th Avenue Vancouver, WA

Battle Ground Baptist Church
8:30am - Departure Time
3:50pm - Drop Off Time
1110 NW 6th Avenue Battle Ground, WA
(Front parking lot)

Q:Bus Times for West One Bus Route
A:Vancouver Vineyard Church
7:45 am - Departure Time
4:25 pm - Drop off time (Final Stop)
2007 East 12th Street, Vancouver, WA
(South parking lot next to "The Portal")

City Harvest Church
8:05 am - Departure Time
4:00 pm - Drop off time
8100 NW 9th Avenue, Vancouver, WA

Q:Bus Times for West Two Bus Route
A:Albertsons @ Salmon Creek
8:15 am - Departure Time
4:05 pm - Drop off Time
14300 NE 20th Avenue, Vancouver, WA
(North side by dumpster)

Q:Bus Times for West Three Bus Route
A:LaCenter Church
7:50 am - Departure Time
4:20 pm - Drop off Time (Final Stop)
111 E 5th Street, LaCenter, WA
(South parking lot - bus on the street)

Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene
8:10 am - Departure Time
4:00 pm - Drop off Time
747 Pioneer Street, Ridgefield, WA

Summer Camp FAQ's

Q:What should my child bring to camp?
A:This list of items will prepare your camper to have the best time at camp. You must bring items marked with an asterisk.

*Lunch packed ina self-insulated lunch box
*Refillable water bottle
*Closed-toe shoes. (Boots preferred for Day Horse Camp)
Sunscreen and Bug Spray
Swimsuit (Girls: one-piece only) for Water Games
Change of Clothes
Jacket or Sweatshirt (Mornings are often chilly here!)
Campers should wear modest, comfortable, casual clothes. Modest clothing is loose, not tight; concealing, not revealing.
Please remember your camper will get dirty!

Q:What should my child not bring to camp?
A:Do not wear or bring expensive clothing or shoes.
Do not wear or bring expensive jewelry.
Leave all electronic devices at home (i.e., cell phones, smartwatches, etc.) **
Pocket knives and other sharp objects, anything that ight be considered a weapon.

**Summer Camp is an opportunity for your child to meet new people and experience outdoor fun activities. Electronic devices often detract from and prevent these opportunities, so please do not allow your child to bring these items.

Royal Ridges Retreat is not responsible if your child brings these items to camp and loses them.

Q:How do I add money to my child's store account?
A:Once you are logged into your account, click on the three horizontal bars in the green banner. In the menu, select Camp Store. Then choose "Store Deposits", enter the amount you wish, then follow prompts all the way to payment.

Q:I need to pick up my child early. What do I need to do?
A:If you need to pick up your child from camp early, please call the office and let us know. Provide the child's full name, group, and what time you will arrive to pick them up. We will have them waiting at the office for you.