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Camper Scholarship

Money donated here goes directly to camper financial assistance. It is our hope that all children are able to attend Trout Lake Camp. Through fundraising and other gifts, camp fees are kept as low as possible. Still we understand that occasionally some families require financial assistance.


Operating Fund

Money donated here goes towards TLC's operating fund.


Project 365

Project 365 is about enabling the spiritual impact of Trout Lake Camps to continue into the future. For 60 years this camp has been a meeting place with God. For that to continue, Trout needs your support.Trout Lake Camps needs 365 people willing to donate $1 per day. It adds up to $365 per year from each person, but a total of more than $130,000 per year from all 365 contributors. That's enough to begin to tackle the lengthy list of improvement projects and continue the legacy of spiritual impact that has seen over 25,000 significant spiritual decisions in 60 years.


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