Refund Policy

COVID-19 No-Risk Cancellation and Refund Policies – Register with Confidence with No-Risk Registration

Acknowledging the uncertain path of the COVID-19 situation, WeHaKee Camp for Girls offers a no-risk cancellation policy. This allows you to register now, but retain the option to cancel with no financial penalty to you. If you wish to cancel due to concerns related to COVID-19, you have the choice to donate the funds you paid to WeHaKee, roll your funds over to next summer or receive a refund. We request that COVID related cancellations be requested in writing no later than June 1st, 2022.
• Donate to Camp WeHaKee – Choose to donate all or a portion of your deposit and payments made to WeHaKee Camp for Girls. As a nonprofit that relies on income from program payments, it is important for our community to understand that the financial implications of canceling a camp session are serious. WeHaKee Camp for Girls relies on camp fees to not just cover our summer costs, but also our year-round-operations as we prepare for the upcoming camp season. Your donation will mean a great deal to helping us remaining financially viable and your donation to WeHaKee is tax-deductible!
• Apply to Another Session or the Next Summer – Apply all or a portion of your deposit and payments made on your account to your registration for the following summer. This helps us with financial planning and it will help you by knowing you have planned ahead.
• Request a Refund – We recognize that each of us is impacted in a variety of ways by this crisis. At your request, we will issue a partial or full refund.

• Cancellations through April 1st – A refund of all fees paid to date will be given (not including the non-refundable deposit).
• Cancellations after April 1st - Camp WeHaKee retains the right to retain all fees paid to date.
• Cancellations due to Parent Concerns Related to COVID-19 – If a parent chooses to cancel their child’s registration due to concerns specifically related to COVID-19, the parent must notify WeHaKee in writing no later than June 1st, 2022 and must include the specific COVID-19 reason in the cancellation request. If approved, all funds paid to date (including the $500 deposit) will be refunded.
• Cancellations due to Illness/Injury Prior to Camper’s Arrival – After being reviewed and approved by the directors, a refund of all fees paid to date (not including the $500 deposit) may be given. Documentation may be necessary prior to approval of refund.
• Illness/Injury While Attending Camp – If a camper departs camp due to illness, injury or other circumstances (as approved by the directors), WeHaKee may refund a prorated portion of the fees paid.
• Behavioral & Other Issues – If a camper departs camp due to homesickness, behavioral, and/or disciplinary issues, WeHaKee will retain all fees paid.
• Parent-Initiated Departures – If a camper leaves camp early due to a parent-initiated request or action, WeHaKee will retain all fees paid. The directors may review the reasons for the parent-initiated request and if they deem it is warranted (i.e., medical or family emergency), may refund fees paid (not including the $500 deposit) on a prorated basis.

The parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the WeHaKee Administrative Office immediately and in writing of any cancellations or reductions in session length related to the registration of their child(ren).
All refunds are made via check. Please allow 30 days for processing. Questions or concerns should be directed to the WeHaKee Administrative Office.