Refund Policy
REGISTRATION AND TERMS: Pay the appropriate deposit for each camper enrolled. Due to the seasonal nature of camping there are no refunds for early departure, late arrival, dismissal, or failure to attend. Campers arriving early or staying over session dates will be charged an extra day rate. All fees must be paid by June 15 unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. Tuition includes: Laundry services, room, board, snacks, and all regular activities.

The deposit is a commitment that a child will attend camp. If a) circumstances prevent a child from attending a planned session, or b) if a session becomes unavailable, the deposit can i) be transferred to any other available session, or ii) transferred to a session in a future summer. Deposits can be transferred to siblings and between families. The deposit is refundable if the camper will be 17 years old or older on the opening day of the next available or planned camp session.

A camper who is a) required to leave camp due to infectious disease, or b) is unable to attend because the family cannot provide a negative test result for infectious disease that has been required by the camp, can have their deposit i) transferred to a future session of their choice, ii) transferred to a sibling, or iii) transferred to another family. The family will also receive a pro-rated refund of the balance of camp tuition not including the deposit. If the camper would be 17 years old or older on the opening day of the next available or planned camp session, the family will receive a pro-rated refund of the entire tuition including deposit.