Refund Policy
CampCo has updated its Participant Transfer & Cancellation Policy to be more flexible for our customers. Our new online registration program now allows customers to make changes 24/7 from home. Videos to provide guidance on how to make online changes will be available on our website soon. See our Transfer & Cancellation Policy, below:

Beginning immediately upon completion of Camp Registration through May 15, 2022:
Transfer, credit or Refund, less $2 per camp day change fee*

Beginning May 16, 2022 until 5pm on the Friday prior to Camp Day/Week:
Transfer, Credit or Refund, less $5 per camp day change fee*

Beginning Friday prior to the Camp Day/Week at 5:01pm until the Day of Camp at 7am: Transfer or Credit on CampCo Account, less a $5 fee per camp day change fee*

*Additional details regarding CampCo’s Participant Transfer & Cancellation Policy: CampCo credits are valid for future CampCo activities and are valid for at least one year from the date of the cancelled activities. No refunds or credits for no shows or for cancellation processed after 7am on the day of camp. A 100% refund of camp fee will be given for any activities cancelled by CampCo. There are minimum and maximum participants permitted in each activity; activities may be cancelled due to low registration and no more registrations will be accepted when maximum has been reached. The following online vendor fees are non-refundable: $6 per Camper Annual Fee and 4% Online Registration Service Fee. Reminder: Campers registered for five days in a week receive a significant discount per day. Partial-week transfers or cancellations will result in the adjusted fees to the individual day price for the remaining days of that week.