Camp One Step
Family Camp Virtual - Camper
10/9/2020 - 10/11/2020 12:00 PM
Ages 0 - 19
Registration for this session will end on 9/15/2020.
Family Camp Virtual gives families the opportunity to bond with each other, as well as with other families who have a child diagnosed with a cancer.

Family Camp provides an enjoyable break for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer.

We welcome all families who have a child 19 years of age or younger that has been diagnosed with any form of cancer. Our program is adaptive and inclusive to serve all ability levels.

The camp experience provides support from other families who understand how a diagnosis effects the entire family. Virtual programs include a care package sent to each family, online (Zoom) activities, and offline family activities.

There will be an educational session for parents, breakout time for children, and fun family activities that are scheduled.

Families will have a chance to relax, reconnect as a family, and develop friendships with other families who truly understand the challenges that a cancer diagnosis presents.
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