Late Fall Tiny Fox Walkers for ages 0-4
We at Fox Walkers are excited to offer a nature immersion class to the littlest members of our community. This is an opportunity to honor new and growing families by creating space for the village to come together.

An adult (parent/guardian/grandparent/etc.) must participate with each child and will be an integral part of the class. Together, we will discover some wonders of the land, though the eyes of the children. We will incorporate nurturing movement that honors the postpartum process (and is good for all bodies). We will do some light exploring around the property, as well as skill workshops and sensory exploration. Elders will join us to share stories. There will be an ongoing project to make something fun for the babies over our times together.

Bring water, hats and snacks, and a carrier or stroller if desired. This is a time for young children and their caregivers to find nourishment in nature while building up the community of shared values.

See you there! ☀️
Burton Educational Preserve
Mondays, 10/23-11/13
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Ages 0 - 4
Sliding Scale Pricing
This session has openings
Registration will end on 10/29/2023.
Sliding Scale Pricing (2023)
Level 1
Approaches the full cost to operate a mission-driven nonprofit, contributing to staff and program development, caretaking the land, giving back to Indigenous and underserved communities, our Scholarship fund, and overhead (payroll, rents, insurance, processing fees, etc.)
+ $300.00
Level 2
Represents some of the direct costs to run this program only - transportation, materials, use fees, food, and staffing. Does not support the broader mission or contribute to overhead costs (for land maintenance, personnel, administration, etc.)
+ $250.00
Level 3
Entry-level contribution covering partial program costs; subsidized by donor funds earmarked for families experiencing financial barriers to participation
+ $200.00