EW23 - Fox Walkers Earth Skills for Adults

Fox Walkers Earth Skills for Adults
with Instructor Pashu Esquibel & the 4E Crew

Step into nature, develop deeper levels of self-confidence and awareness with our adult Fox Walkers program. During a session at Fox Walkers, participants will learn about the Sacred Order of Survival, the basic skills necessary to create a comfortable home in nature.

Through the skills of awareness, tracking, shelter, water, fire and food, we can discover and rekindle our true connection with the Earth. In that relationship, 'survival' becomes a dirty word, because there is no need to 'survive' our Earth Mother. Weekly classes will present ancient human skills through hands-on experiences, stories and games. Each day of class will be dictated by the environment and the story of the day.

Core skills include:
- debris shelter building
- finding and purifying water
- fire by friction
- hunting/trapping
- edible/ medicinal plants
- tracking
- cordage making
- stone tools
...and so much more.

This class is sure to be EPIC. See you there!

NEW for WINTER 2023: Bring your kids! Monday afternoon Fox Walkers & Young Fox Walkers will run alongside our Adult course. We will gather for an opening circle with the whole group before programs are separated by age; programs close with an ending circle for all participants. This will provide a space and time for kids in school to join, as well as for Parents and other Adults, that also has a “Village” feel to it.
Burton Educational Preserve
Mondays, 1/23-2/13
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Ages 18 and up
Sliding Scale

Registration will end on 1/27/2023.
Sliding Scale Pricing (2023)
Level 1
Approaches the full cost to operate a mission-driven nonprofit, contributing to staff and program development, caretaking the land, giving back to Indigenous and underserved communities, our Scholarship fund, and overhead (payroll, rents, insurance, processing fees, etc.)
+ $250.00
Level 2
Represents some of the direct costs to run this program only - transportation, materials, use fees, food, and staffing. Does not support the broader mission or contribute to overhead costs (for land maintenance, personnel, administration, etc.)
+ $200.00
Level 3
Entry-level contribution covering partial program costs; subsidized by donor funds earmarked for families experiencing financial barriers to participation
+ $150.00
Charter School Processing
Yes - Charter School Funding
Pre-approval from your school is required! Select this option if you will pay some or all of the tuition using charter school funds. A $20 processing fee applies. Select 'Charter School Checkout' from the payment options to complete your registration. Click here for more information about using your charter school funds.
+ $20.00
Donor Discount
Thanks to a generous community of support for our mission, and contributions designated to remove financial barriers to participation, a 15% Donor Discount is available during registration to families in need of financial assistance. For those seeking additional aid, scholarships provide tuition assistance up to 50%. Click here to apply for a Scholarship. NO APPLICATION required to claim the Donor Discount; simply add it to your registration to utilize donor funds for your family.
Sibling Discount
ONE SIBLING MUST PAY IN FULL. This is a 10% discount for additional siblings registering in the same session.