EF22 - Cape May Coyote Tracks - Wednesday AM (9am-12pm)
Coyote Tracks Cape May Homeschool Program will introduce Earth Skills, a blend of the ancient arts of tracking, wilderness survival, and nature awareness. Through our programs, a re-thinking of our connection to nature begins to occur. Nature is not simply a resource that we control as a product, but a relationship we must cultivate. Through hands-on skills, games, and storytelling, we create an "invisible school", where kids learn directly from the Earth while having tons of fun, laughing and playing with each other.

Each group session is a unique experience, but each seasonal series includes timeless wanders and ancient awareness games. Our curriculum is inspired from Indigenous values and the Old Ways Earth Skills, largely learned from the Tracker School and through each Instructor's own "dirt time" living these skills.

We offer three pricing levels in order to make our programs accessible to as many their families as possible. By selecting a price you can reasonably afford, you are helping to ensure financial resources are not a barrier to any anyone's participation. Thank you for your support!

Each registration requires a deposit, which includes a nonrefundable $20 registration fee. Cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the program start date forfeit the entire deposit. No refunds after the start date.
New Jersey Lizard Tail Swamp Preserve
Wednesdays, 9/14-10/12
9am-12pm EDT
Ages 5 - 7
Sliding Scale
Registration is no longer available
Sliding Scale Pricing (2022)
Level 1
Approaches the full cost to operate a mission-driven nonprofit, contributing to staff and program development, caretaking the land, giving back to Indigenous and underserved communities, our Scholarship fund, and overhead (payroll, rents, insurance, processing fees, etc.)
+ $300.00
Level 2
Represents some of the direct costs to run this program only - transportation, materials, use fees, food, and staffing. Does not support the broader mission or contribute to overhead costs (for land maintenance, personnel, administration, etc.)
+ $225.00
Level 3
Entry-level contribution covering partial program costs; subsidized by donor funds earmarked for families experiencing financial barriers to participation
+ $175.00
Donor Discount
Thanks to a generous community of support for our mission, and contributions designated to remove financial barriers to participation, a 15% Donor Discount is available during registration to families in need of financial assistance. For those seeking additional aid, scholarships provide tuition assistance up to 50%. Click here to apply for a Scholarship. NO APPLICATION required to claim the Donor Discount; simply add it to your registration to utilize donor funds for your family.
Sibling Discount
ONE SIBLING MUST PAY IN FULL. This is a 10% discount for additional siblings registering in the same session.