Burton Educational Preserve
Tuesday Young Fox Walkers 9am-12pm
Tuesdays, 9/8 - 10/13
9am - 12pm
Ages 4 - 6
This is full
Please only register for ONE SESSION per child! A payment of at least $50 ($100 for full-day programs) will be required at the time of registration. All fees are due by the first day of the program. Note that $10 of your payment is non-refundable. This is our direct cost for the reservation, and it cannot be recovered upon cancellation. Thanks for your understanding and support! ❤


Our Young Fox Walkers outdoor education programs are designed for children who are home-schooled, or attend public or charter schools. As a Young Fox Walker, your child will be guided to explore the natural world and begin to understand how to relate to it.

On any given day, children are introduced to local animals sights and sounds and local plants. They are fully immersed in nature, learning about the land and water and sky, learning to engage all the senses and truly listen from the inside out. Young children learn to walk as a fox and hear ancient stories. Every session includes circle time and gratitude sharing.
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