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Teen Leadership & Wilderness Survival Skills | 6/8-6/29
Mondays, 6/8-6/29
1pm-3pm PDT
Ages 13 - 17
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This course is designed for teens aged 13 to 18 with any level of experience. We will meet once a week via ZOOM online meeting to provide skills instruction and an opportunity for connection and sharing. There will be projects and exercises to do in between sessions.

Each registrant will receive an earth skills kit delivered from our instructors!

This is a new approach to training you in how to be a leader and how you can help to teach and guide the youth. This is a grand opportunity to make changes in the way we think and reset our minds to connect with our hearts.

The ancient arts of tracking, wilderness survival, and nature awareness teachings immerse the student into the environment, giving them firsthand experience how to “read” the landscape as a steward of the Earth. By knowing what our basic needs are we begin to understand what we must preserve and protect in order to sustain the balance of life on our Planet. Through our programs a re-thinking of our relationship to Nature begins to occur; Nature is not simply a “resource” that we control as a product, but a relationship we must cultivate. Students are introduced to the world of the unseen and eternal, tapping into “the spirit that moves in-all things” as awareness and skills are woven together to serve as a foundation for creating Visionary leaders.

As “coyote” teachers we bring the mysteries of nature to our students in a way that they can be inspired to learn on their own. In this case the definition of the “coyote” is not necessarily the “trickster”, however the keeper of knowledge. When a student asks, “what is this?”, we answer with a question or point them in a direction to inspire them to look deeper into the mystery. A coyote teacher never forces the teaching, instead they maneuver the situation so the student has a great desire to know, to go further.

Rick and Pashu will be your instructors. Special guests will be invited to teach as well. Space is limited! Register today!
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