Kulaqua's 70th Anniversary
Celebration of Kulaqua!

We are looking forward to celebrating 70 years of Camp Kulaqua all together with previous staff members, volunteers, and current employees! Sharing stories and all of the wonderful camp memories while creating new ones.

This is not a public event, this event is for previous staff members, current staff members, and volunteers (previous or current).

Our committee and programming team are working hard on putting together a wonderful weekend for everyone. The event is free, including the meals (Friday dinner-Sunday breakfast) the only cost involved is for housing

Housing costs: (2 nights lodging)
*Woodland Lodge room: $292
*Chalet: $273
*Mini lodge room: $166
*Guest Cabin: $189
*Rustic Cabin: $212
*30 Amp RV Site: $72
*Tent Camping: $34
10/13/2023 3:00 PM - 10/15/2023 12:00 PM
Your price is determined by your lodging choice.
Registration is no longer available