CAMPAL da FLORIDA 2022 (FL Conference - Portuguese Camp Meeting)
CAMPAL da FLORIDA 2022 is a FL Conference hosted event held at Camp Kulaqua. Join us and your fellow friends for a fun filled time together with your families.

Pricing is based on how many people you register and what housing you choose.
The per person price is the event fee, this fee covers the program, registration, and meals during the event.
**A $100 non-refundable deposit is due upon reservation and final payment is due November 4th**

Per Person Cost:
-Attendees 8 & over
Thursday - Sunday $150.00/per person
Sabbath Only $ 50.00/per person
-Attendees 4 - 7
Thursday - Sunday $141.00/per person
Sabbath Only $ 50.00/per person
-Attendees 3 & under are free and do not need to be registered

Housing Cost: Overnight guests Thursday - Sunday
-Woodland Lodge room $355.50/room
-Chalet $332.75/unit
-Mini Lodge room $200.75/room
-Rustic cabin side $123.25/side
-RV Site (30amps) $ 87.00/site
-Tent Site $ 40.25/site
-Guest Cabin room $229.00/room

Questions or if you need assistance registering you can call or email Stacy at Camp Kulaqua.

-Stacy Stride, Camp Kulaqua Registrar
(386) 454-1351 ext. 7954
11/24/2022 1:00 PM - 11/27/2022 12:00 PM
Ages 0 and up
Pricing is based on your quantity of attendees and your lodging selection.
Registration is no longer available