Becoming a Outdoor Women - Fall Introductory Skills Weekend
As the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to fall we look forward to enjoying our time outside with friends before the winter settles in. The fall BOW weekend is an opportunity for women to participate in workshops in three general program areas: Shooting and hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation such as paddling, hiking etc. All of our workshops are taught in a very “ hands-on” way, focusing on the needs of the learner and are open to all participants 18 years of age and older.

We look forward to introducing you to all sorts of outdoor recreational activities. Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a great way to learn outdoor skills. Beginners are our specialty, and our fall mini offers a mix of outdoor skills for all levels of participants.
10/14/2023 8:00 AM - 10/15/2023 1:00 PM
Ages 18 and up
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Archery Shooting Skills
This workshop will focus on improving form and shooting technique and you will have the advantage of adding a sight to your bow to improve accuracy and precision. We’ll shoot at various distances and learn how to compensate for added yardage. You do not need archery experience prior to this, but we’ll move quickly beyond the basics.
Campfire Cooking
Have you ever tried getting that smoky fire-cooked taste, only to wind up with a charred mess? In this class we will teach you the art of fire cooking. We will introduce cooking directly in the coals with foil, dutch ovens and cast iron skillets. This primitive backcountry skill isn’t quite as hard as it may seem; with the right direction from our experienced teachers you will be baking up some tasty cobbler or stew in no time!
Fire and Survival Skills
Proper fire building is a skill that many folks will call on at some point. This workshop will combine a fire and survival lesson to provide you with the basic essential skills to survive an emergency situation. Whether you are building fires for some summer nights or to keep warm lost in the mountains, you will learn the skills to start a fire anywhere, anytime. We’ll also focus a great deal on prevention and preparedness, moving right into specific key skills that will give you the best odds at survival in the backcountry.
Fly Tying for Beginners
Fly tying is a hobby that dates back before fishing as we know it. Fly fishing anglers have developed a keen sense of how to read the streams and how to “match the hatch”. A skill that is handy for any angler to know is how to tie your own flies (they become expensive when learning). In this workshop participants will learn the different styles and types of flies, what equipment is needed to tie flies and even create a fly to take home themselves!
Foliage Paddle and Basic Techniques
What could be better than immersing yourself in a fall foliage canoe paddling experience during Maine’s peak foliage season?! You’ll be surrounded by the beautiful fall colors of Mount Christopher against the backdrop of the lakeside ledges and rolling western foothills. We’ll go over the basics of canoeing before hitting the water and will take a leisurely paddle with plenty of time for pictures and relaxation! Common Loons, Bald Eagles, Kingfishers and other birds and wildlife are often seen while paddling. Please dress accordingly to be on the water.
Hike Buck’s Ledge & Lapham Ledge:
What’s more relaxing than a nice, moderate hike in the fall. During this session, we will venture off campus to a local hiking hotspot where we will lead you to two beautiful views of western Maine. The first hike will be up to Buck’s Ledge, where a view of North Pond and its surrounding hills. Following, we will hike to Lapham Ledge for another amazing view and will continue with the loop to return to the trailhead. Along the way, we will talk about being prepared for day hikes, Trail etiquette, and some forest ecology. This is a great opportunity for a laid back adventure to make some friends, take some pictures and do a little learning along the way.
Intro to Fly Fishing
Mastering the fly rod takes a little practice, but here, you’ll learn basic casting methods, and you’ll even have time to wet a fly. You’ll soon realize it’s easier than you think! This workshop will focus on successful casting technique and fly presentation in various situations.
Introduction to Canning
As frost threatens to bring an end to the garden season, what do you do with the last of the season fruit and veggies? This class will cover various preservation methods including pickling cucumbers and beans, freezing tomatoes for use, drying peppers and fruit, and canning sauces and jams. As food waste becomes a growing concern, don’t let all your hard work die on the vine. Learn how to enjoy what your garden has to offer right up until it’s time to plant next spring.
Introduction to Waterfowl Hunting
Maine has plenty of opportunities to hunt waterfowl, including ducks and geese. During this session, we will cover the basics to waterfowl hunting including laws and regulations, equipment, identifying areas to hunt, use of decoys, and calling techniques. We will also venture to the shotgun range to demonstrate shotgun patterning and shooting techniques. We will finish the session by demonstrating waterfowl processing and preservation.
Learn to Hunt: Whitetail Deer Hunting
Deer hunting is an exciting way to spend time in the woods while matching your skills with one of Maine’s most sought-after big game species. Deer hunting is also a great introduction to the traditions held sacred in Maine and a way to learn about this important species in our ecosystem, while supporting Maine’s conservation goals. This workshop is a blend of hands-on demonstration and practice, led by Registered Maine Guide and experienced hunter, Carmen Bombeke. Participants will learn deer habitats, what they feed on, ways a whitetail deer may be harvested in Maine, hunting tactics and equipment, personal safety, shot placement and basic game care.
Learn to Shoot: Introduction to Rifle Shooting
Have you recently completed your hunter education or maybe you’re interested in recreational target shooting? Or maybe you’re simply looking for more information on the various types of firearms, action types, and what they are best used for. This workshop will fully prepare you with a focus on safe gun handling, types of rifles and their uses, and how to shoot accurately.In this workshop we’ll cover: Safe ways to handle various firearms Types of common firearms Action types of rifles Differences between bullet calibers Choosing the right firearm for hunting or target shooting How to store and secure your firearms. This workshop will be a blend of hands-on demonstration, practice, and live fire exercises led by professional staff and range safety officers. You will soon be prepared for the upcoming season whether it’s hunting, or a day at the range. This is great for the new hunter or shooter, and an excellent refresher for experienced folks.
Learn to Shoot: Introduction to Shotguns
Whether it’s hunting or target shooting that you’re interested in, this workshop we’ll begin with safe gun handling and basic shotgunning and then we’ll take it to the sporting clays range for some high flying clay target shooting! Learn proper stance, follow through, and point and shoot techniques from certified instructors. Whether you are a novice or have some experience, this workshop will not disappoint!
Map and Compass:
GPS use is on the rise, but basic map and compass skills are the key to navigation in the back-country. Learn how to read topographic maps and put a compass to use. Orient a map, set a bearing, and set a course, and soon you’ll find out how much fun it is! We’ll cover triangulation, declination compensation, and route planning.
Safe Use of Handguns for Hunting and Recreation
In this session you will learn how to safely handle and operate various types of handguns including revolvers, semi-auto and single shot handguns. You will learn how to properly grip, aim and fire handguns. Also addressed will be various methods used to carry handguns afield and on the shooting range. The class will include topics on hunting ethics, landowner relations, range etiquette. selection of handgun for various recreational shooting, the variety of recreational handgun shooting opportunities in Maine as well as selecting handguns for the various game hunted with handguns. The course will include live firing of a variety of handguns. All safety gear is provided however the student is welcome to bring their own. All ammunition and handguns are provided. Please do not bring your personal handguns to class.
Treestands, Blinds and Game Cameras:
Hunting techniques vary widely and the proper use of stands, blinds, and game cameras may increase your odds of success. There’s many ways to plan and set up for the season and this workshop will give you a chance to gain new skills to up your game, or just get started. You’ll have a chance to learn how to safely use and install tree stands and blinds, and properly set up game cameras. We’ll also cover the laws and regulations that go with each.
Wild Edibles: Seeking Nature’s Bounty
There’s such a bounty to be had tight here in the forests of Maine, all you have to do is look in the right places! In this class, you will gain awareness and learn how to find and identify various wild edible plants and other useful components in nature. You’ll be surprised how many readily available nutritious plant species are available! From the basics to more lesser-known wild sources, you will soon look at the forests in a different light once you learn how available nutritious food items are in nature. Bring a notebook and pencil for taking notes!
Wildlife Tracking-Exploring the forest for signs of wildlife
The forest that surrounds Bryant Pond is teeming with wildlife including deer, moose, foxes, turkeys, and many other species. This workshop will take you into various habitats in search of the wildlife that thrives here. Each trip is different as we interpret the story of what we find. Participants will get tracking cards and info that can be used on their next adventure into the forests.