Women's Retreat
Hagar is a hero. Her circumstances were beyond her control and they only increased in severity. Yet when she was forced to run away to escape, God did something extraordinary! He sent Jesus to intervene and give her courage to stay the course. Covid has attempted to suck the energy and spirit from our very souls. Yet again, God is waiting to step into OUR story and renew OUR strength to remain faithful, fearless, and unfaltering in holding on to Jesus! This retreat is an entire weekend designed to bring you face to face with the One Who stills sees and hears your heart! Join us as together once again we experience the joy of worship, fellowship, and friends!
9/17/2021 12:00 PM - 9/19/2021 4:00 PM
Ages 17 and up
Registration is no longer available
Women's Retreat: Art
Art with Julie
Women's Retreat: Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating with Dar
Women's Retreat: Horseback Riding
A New thing! We are so excited this year to offer horseback riding as a Friday afternoon Mosaic and Sabbath afternoon free time event. There will be 2 Arena sessions and 1 trail session offered. Limited to 8 spaces per session. Please check the box below if you are interested in participating in this event! Sign-ups are at registration upon arrival. (You are NOT registered by checking below)
Women's Retreat: Inspirational Card making
Inspirational Card Making with Shelley.
Women's Retreat: Table Setting
Table Setting with Dalisay
Women's Retreat
Early Bird Registration Fee
Available through August 31
+ $150.00
Registration Fee+ $160.00
Sabbath Attendance Only+ $80.00
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T-Shirt+ $10.00