Virtual Classes (Youth)
Choose from a variety of Outdoor Education classes - all now virtual! Classes are designed to be asynchronous and self-paced, and they require access to an internet enabled device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Classes do not include video-conferencing, grades, or individualized feedback, but are rather designed to spark your learner's curiosity, provide resources and activity prompts to encourage exploration, and empower self-directed learning. Please note that all classes are hosted on Google Classroom and therefore require a Google account. If you or your child do not yet have a Google account, you can open one for free.
Available for online registration through 3/31/21
Ages 7 - 17
Registration is no longer available
Virtual Class Topics
Have a child who loves to build, invent, and try new things? This is the perfect class for them! Participants have the opportunity to learn about engineers, the engineering process, and how to build a catapult.
Look around and see connections everywhere! Participants will have the opportunity to learn about ecosystems, seasonal changes, photosynthesis, and the roles humans can play in all of this.