Buckeye Leadership Workshop 2019
3/20/2019 4:00 PM - 3/24/2019 4:00 PM
Ages 15 years 9 months and up
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Buckeye Leadership Workshop is a learning, sharing “workshop” intended as a balanced program of social, physical, mental, and spiritual activities. We believe that Buckeye Leadership Workshop provides a powerful learning environment in which anyone who works with people, professionally or informally, can develop programming for youth or adults. The workshop also benefits those who simply enjoy associating with great people, experiencing new ideas, and learning new skills. Experiential learning through recreation is truly the intent and methodology of Buckeye Leadership Workshop.
Available Options:
Morning Sessions
Sing, Ring, Stomp
Instructors: Larry Hall, Bill Henderson, Owen Herbst
Team Challenge
Instructor: Chris Cavert
Instructors: Ashley Okel, Dave Kalkbrenner
Yoga, Relaxation, De-Stressing
Instructors: Michael Danhof, Frances Nicol, Tim Reynolds, Rod Matz
Recreation Sampler
Instructors: Barry Jolliff, Christy Leeds, Kate White

This class is for leaders who seek a variety of tools and activities to use in different settings and groups. We will explore music through pipe chimes and handbells, foil cooking over the campfire, gourd crafting, nylon hose make and do activities, and indoor games and puzzles. The goal of this session is to give you enough experience and tips to lead and teach the activities shared.
+ $20.00  
Board Games
Instructor: Ted Zech

In this session you will be playing a multitude of games that will be both competitive and cooperative. The games played during the class will be designed to promote social interaction and some will also help develop group dynamics. All of the games offered will be great fun and hopefully open your eyes to the new world of gaming.
Team Challenge Adventures
Instructors: Tim Borton and Neva Baltzell

Participants will immerse themselves in the Team Challenge adventure. This will include participating in various team challenge initiatives and discussing what their team learned during the activity. Instructors Neva Baltzell and Tim Borton will spend time teaching how to process the experiences with your own groups and audiences. You will learn how to navigate poison peanut butter, cross through the Cube and much more!
5 More Minutes
Instructors: Jalisa Danhof, Larry Hall, & Emily Orth

A rainstorm has changed your program plans, and you’re stuck inside with a group staring at you with expectant faces. You have limited materials and a can-do attitude. You have 5 More Minutes to fill. What do you do? If you’ve ever been in this situation (and if you haven't, you will be someday!), you might need this session. Jam packed with games, activities, and resources to fill 5 More Minutes with a group of youth or adults. Come play-your-way through small and large group activities to keep your participants engaged and included.
Instructors: Helen Kourous-Harrigan and Ariel Blanton

We carry good cameras everywhere we go, but are we really capturing - and saving - moments that matter? Do you have 20,000 photos, but can't find the five generation pic you took at the reunion last year? Bring your smart phone or your DSLR and we'll figure out how to take the best shots for the occasion - whether it's a selfie or a landscape on your dream vacation. We'll also work on curating and storing our zillions of pictures - and talk about the "life cycle" of pictures shared on social media. Finally - a legacy project - we are collecting ANY and all BLW photos from the past 75 years for a retrospective show!
Afternoon Sessions
Instructor: Mike Anderson

This session will cover a broad spectrum of storytelling concepts including types of stories, use of music and sounds, and targeting stories to different age audiences. The session will include funny, spooky, and educational stories; adapting a story to situations, and creating stories. Presentation will also be a large part of the workshop.
Uke Can Do It! (Ukulele 101)
Instructor: Matt Honsberger

Ukulele 101 is back for another year at BLW! This class is a crash course in all things Ukulele covering the very basics - tuning, chords, melody playing, strumming, finger-picking and singing while playing. We'll also spend some time talking about group music teaching techniques, jamming with other instruments and ultimately work towards a group performance for all of BLW. All skill levels welcome! Beginners will learn the instrument from the ground up and more experienced players are encouraged to join and assist with teaching smaller groups. Don't have a Ukulele - no problem! You show up, we'll put a Ukulele in your hands. Uke Can Do It! **PLEASE NOTE**: We ask that if you are a previous participant of a Ukulele class at BLW, please refrain from signing up for this class again as you will not learn anything new, and we want new people to have the opportunity to learn to play the Uke. You can always join us at the nightly jam session!
Intentionally Intentional - Creating Lasting Impact and Positive Change
Instructor: Beth Allison

Drawing from over 30 years of Leadership Training in Summer Camp settings, Beth Allison will share some of her very best techniques and activities to create a strong and vibrant community in which staff and young people will thrive. The class focus will be on developing an engaging and respectful learning environment; re-awakening awe and wonder; designing positive rituals that help us unleash our imaginations and live in the moment; and fostering positive self-esteem. Through discussion, hands-on and individual activities, we’ll experience together how to be incredibly intentional with the growth of our people.
18 Hole Wood Golf Course
Instructor: Bill Henderson

18 Hole Golf Course...no batteries required! Build your very own, heirloom-quality "bumper puck" portable Golf Course complete with hazards and terrain features with a finished size of 16” X 30” X 2”. Gather your "Foursome" and play a challenging "Front 9" then flip the board over for an even more challenging "Back 9" - rain or shine! A cue and puck replace the ball and clubs. All tools and supplies furnished. No previous woodworking experience necessary.
+ $30.00  
Instructor: Karen Saker

Baskets, in some form, have been around since humans first walked on earth. You can become the next in a very long line of basket makers when you create 2 to 3 of your own baskets. At least one design will be suitable for teaching to youth audiences. You will use both round and flat reed in your creations. Join Karen Saker, long time crafter and basket maker, as you learn this ancient art.
+ $20.00  
Emotional Intelligences
Instructor: Sami and Jenell Brossia

Studies show that higher emotional intelligence within a group leads to greater trust, improved cooperation, higher productivity, and more creative solutions. Join this class to uncover your level of emotional intelligence and discuss theories/techniques for how to use that knowledge to improve your group dynamics. Leave this session more socially aware - about yourself and those around you!
Geometric Dancing
Instructor: Tim Borton

Learn a wide variety of dances that work with groups small and large. Easy to learn, fun to attempt, and great exercise. This class will be up and moving most of the time. We will dance in lines, circles, squares and more. The session will include limited opportunities to practice leading dances to the other class participants if there is desire.

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