Yoga Retreat - Sinking In
You cannot muscle through it – this goes for yoga as well as life. While the world praises self-reliance, this weekend will be a reminder that you are held up and supported by God. The retreat will have a variety of experiences, and several breakout sessions that allow you to customize your retreat. Join us in an encouraging community that reflects on God’s overwhelming love.

This retreat is organized by Carol Joy Holling Camp in partnership with Studio 4:8 Yoga’s Brooke Garbison & Kathy Collins (Lincoln, NE), and Pastor Breen Sipes (Tri-Saints Lutheran Parish – Byron and Hardy, NE). For more information about the retreat leaders, see the website (

Breakout sessions are chosen during the registration process. Some of the sessions have a limited number of spaces, and may fill up quickly.
Carol Joy Holling Camp
2/28/2020 5:00 PM - 2/29/2020 7:00 PM
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Canvas Painting
Leader: Jenny Henningsen || Whether you are super crafty or have never picked up a paintbrush, this is a great chance to make something beautiful with your hands. Explore your creative side by painting a canvas. Jenny is a great teacher and makes sure that you leave with something you’re proud of.
Essential Oils
Leader: Julie Petersen ||
Exploring Kinetic Prayer
Leader: Pr. Breen Sipes || Does your mind ever wander when you are trying to pray? Do you find it hard to sit still, focus, and “do” prayer the “right” way? Join ELCA Pastor Breen Marie Sipes as she leads you in several different practices of kinetic, or moving, prayer, including Praying in Color, Coloring Prayer, Labyrinths, Pray Dough, Prayer Beads, and more. You will receive several kinetic prayer starters to continue to explore these practices at home.
Mid-Day Yin Yoga
Leader: Kathy Collins || This yin class will be slow and meditative. Composed of seated and reclined poses, each held anywhere from 2-7 minutes, we focus on targeting the connective tissues (bones, joints, ligaments, and fascia.) The class emphasizes body awareness and stillness. While challenging at times, it also deepens the meditative experience. A great class to mix in with the yoga offerings for the weekend, it provides an opportunity to stretch and lengthen your muscles and sink into your practice.
Personal Time
Use this unstructured time to do something that is life-giving for you. You could read, journal, nap, hike, color, etc.
Postures of Prayer
Leader: Pr. Breen Sipes || Have you ever wondered how your yoga practice might fit into your practice of prayer? Have you ever wondered if there were other ways to pray beside the church practice of “fold your hands and bow your head”? Join ELCA Pastor Breen Marie Sipes as she leads you in several seated yoga postures, tying them to types of prayer, snippets of Scripture, and breath. You will receive a laminated “Postures of Prayer” mat card to continue your practice at home.
Power Yoga
Leader: Theresa Guyer || Power Yoga is for all levels. No need for intimidation and the feeling that you can't do this class. We will start with some breath work and gentle stretches/movements. We will go through a series of poses that will build up some heat in the body, and then begin to cool down with more stretches and end in our final resting pose...SAVASANA.
Yoga 101
Leader: Tonya Vyhlidal || Come expand the foundation of your yoga practice with this session. This session will focus on how to do a variety of basic yoga postures, the design of the yoga class, and the power of the three-part breath. This session will be fun, playful, and enlightening.
Bring a Friend
$25 off the price of the yoga retreat if you bring a friend. Discount will be added to your account when both of you have registered.