Language Immersion Camp (Preschool): Session 1
Language Immersion Camp for Preschool
Your child will learn Mandarin in an activity-based camp under the instruction of CAIS’s own highly experienced teachers. No prior Chinese language skills are necessary to participate in this camp, but all participants must be at least three-years-old at the start of camp. Current CAIS P2 are welcome to register.

no camp: Wednesday June 19, Juneteenth Observed
no camp: Thursday July 4, Independence Day Observed

Curriculum for Preschool
During each three-week session, children will experience Chinese language and culture through activities such as singing, Chinese story time, Chinese dance, arts and crafts, cooking, STEAM, and morning exercises. Language acquisition will come naturally to your child as a result of their participation in these fun, immersion- based, activities. Teachers will speak in Chinese while using supplemental gestures, making it easy for the children to understand the tasks at hand. Simple phrases will be learned from everyday use, such as saying “hello” every morning or “good bye” every afternoon.

8:45 Morning care begins (complimentary)
9:00 Morning Exercise—Campers stretch and dance to music in Chinese
9:15 Circle Time—Campers learn Mandarin language through conversation
9:30 Story Time—Children’s stories in Mandarin
9:55 Snack Time
10:05 Free Choice Activity Time
10:35 Singing in Chinese—Campers learn Mandarin through songs
11:00 Recess
11:30 Lunch
12:20 Nap for Preschool children
1:30 Chinese Cultural Classes—Clay modeling, STEAM and Cooking
2:30 Recess
3:00 Dismissal
3:00 Aftercare begins (extra fee)
5:30 Conclusion of aftercare

CAIS Early Childhood Division
6/17/2024 - 7/5/2024
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades P3 - P4
Registration is no longer available