WSS Summer R&R #7
Speaker: COL John and Judy Rossi, USA (Ret): “Enhancing Your Marriage: The Power of the 90-Degree Dynamic”

Summer R&R offers a week of fun, family time, adult teaching sessions, discussion, a children's program, great food, and plenty of activities. Sessions begin with a Friday dinner and continue through the following Friday breakfast.

As you register, we collect detailed information about food and other allergies, ages (for children's programming) and other comments to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Making a reservation may take between 10-20 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN ATTENDING CAMP, either AO! or Camp Caleb, please call the front office at (814) 623-5583 to register them for individual night without incurring an additional conference fee.

You will receive a confirmation email at the completion of your reservation. If you cannot find it, please check your spam and "allow" the sender. We will be emailing you details shortly before your event.
7/19/2024 4:00 PM - 7/26/2024 10:00 AM
Rates descend the longer you stay: 7 night rate meals and lodging; adult $85, teen $43, youth $32, 0-2 no cost, one time family conf fee $135
This session has openings
Registration will end on 7/26/2024.
2024 summer conference fees
1-2 Night Conference Fee+ $32.00
3-7 Night Conference Fee+ $80.00
Horsemanship Day Camp
I would like to send my son/daughter to the Horsemanship Day Camp during our R&R stay.
+ $135.00
No, Thank You.
Food allergies
Food Allergy/Sensitivity Pricing
Our kitchen does a great job of accommodating for people with allergies. If you require special purchasing because of a food allergy, The allergies/choice we accommodate are gluten-sensitive, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free and vegetarian/vegan. Please enter your special diet information on the Family Medical form.

Please input number of guests needing special diet times number of nights

Here's an example:
(3) guests staying (4) nights = 12. You would enter (12) in the box.

Please total your amount for your stay and we will provide the necessary substitutes.
+ $7.00
Cadet, Midshipman, College Student
Cadets, Midshipmen and College Students attending independently receive a 30% discount on lodging and meals. If your child is a college student, the office will apply a 30% discount to the student's meals and lodging. This discount will be applied for your guest that meets these criteria. Thank you
Camp drop-off/pick-up
20% off for up to 2 nights meals & lodging. This discount will be applied by the WSS Office. Call if you have any questions. Thanks for letting us serve your children at AO! or Camp Caleb. Let's go to CAMP!
Family of Deployed Member
Families of Deployed service members, or service members recently returned from deployment (within 6 months), receive a 10% discount on lodging and meals.
First time/bringing/sending discount
Are you a first time guest? Are you bringing/sending a guest family for the first-time? We want to say THANK YOU! Select this discount for 1 free night! Your discount will be applied by the office after you complete your reservation.
Horsemanship Camp Sibling Discount
Please select this discount if more than one child from a family is participating in horse camp. If not applicable, please move on to the next screen.
Large Family Discount
"Hello, our family has a lot of kids and would like to save some money." WSS has got your back! Families with 5 or more children must register all their children, but will be refunded meals and lodging for all except the oldest 4 children. Refund will not appear immediately in your bill. Please contact the WSS office to manually apply discount.
OCF Leaders Discount
This discount is 10% off a WSS stay for a OCF Area Coordinator or Local Leader. Passcode needed
Pay Grade Disc 01-03
Junior officers (01-03) receive a 10% discount on lodging and meals.
Pay Grade Disc E1-E9
Enlisted members receive a 20% discount on lodging and meals.