Ethics in the Arts Summer Program
Program Name: Ethics in the Arts Summer Program
Dates: June 21-25, 2021
Times: Monday - Friday 9 a.m.- 3:30 p.m (option to stay til 4pm for open studio time)
Audience: Rising 7-12 grade students (co-ed), Cap at 40 students total (2 classes of 20 max)
Fee: $800 with scholarships available; includes lunch, field trip, and art materials | 10% discount for KPS faculty/staff children (please email for scholarship information)

The Ethics & Art Summer Program invites rising 7-12 grade students from throughout New Jersey to engage in a creative and innovative summer experience that will teach the foundations of ethics and ethical thinking through hands-on art making guided by professional artists and trained ethicists.

This one-week program will explore how the ethical elements of intention, impact, and values are raised by art viewing and art-making. Participants will learn hands-on skills in photography, painting, and spoken word as a way to explore their ethical questions and examine current-day ethical issues. Each day participants will engage in in-depth ethical discussions around questions related to each day’s theme. These will include:
Intention & Duty: When, if ever, do intentions matter? What are your ethical duties as an artist?
Values, Virtues & Character: What do you value? What type of person do you want to become? How can art contribute to a more ethical future?
Impacts & Consequences: When, if ever, do the impacts matter? What, if anything, should artists do about unintended consequences and impact of their art?
Reflection & Decision-Making: What role should reflection play when deciding what to do? How do you make decisions as an artist? Who, if anyone, should decide if an artwork is effective?

Additionally, there will be a field trip to the Grounds for Sculpture, where participants will explore the power of sculpture and curating the built environment to engage viewers in ethical reflection and discussion.

As part of this program, participants can expect to:
* Explore the intersections between art and ethics
* Examine their personal identity and values
* Experience different art media, with guidance from expert artists
* Engage in various artistic expressions that encourage positive risk taking
* Feel empowered as ethical thinkers and artists
* Develop critical and creative thinking
* Practice ethical facilitation and reflection
* Enhance collaboration and communication skills

6/21/2021 - 6/25/2021
Grades 7th - 12th
Registration is no longer available
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