2021 First 2 Weeks
6/27/2021 - 7/10/2021
Ages 8 - 17
This session has openings in the Up the Hill (she/her, they/them) cabin area.
Registration will end on 6/26/2021.
Linen Rental
2-week Linen Rental
Linen rental includes a pillow, sheets towels and a blanket.
+ $50.00
T-Shirt; Adult L+ $20.00
T-Shirt; Adult M+ $20.00
T-Shirt; Adult S+ $20.00
1. Ultra-Early Enrollment Discount$700.00
2. Super-Early Enrollment Discount$450.00
2nd Sibling Discount
Discount applied to a second child registering on the same account
3. Very Early Enrollment Discount$250.00
3rd Sibling Discount
Discount applied to the 3rd child to register on the same account.
4. January Special Discount$150.00
5. Early Enrollment Discount$100.00
Referral Discount Pct
Combine 2 or more sessions
Combine 2 or more sessions and receive $200 off the second and each subsequent session.