Junior Camp 2022
Our basic youth camps feature two class options that capitalize on the lake setting, natural forest and spiritual environment.
7/03/2022 3:00 AM - 7/10/2022 8:00 AM
Ages 10 - 12
Registration is no longer available
From beginner to expert, perfect your skills in the art of archery in a fun and safe environment.
Arts & Crafts
Discover your creative talents as you create gifts and knick-knacks of all kinds.
Cajon (Box Drum)
Learn to play the box drum or improve your skills
Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating
Earn your canoeing honor while exploring nature and mastering water safety techniques.
Take an ordinary piece of greenware and turn it into a priceless piece of art. You also can bring extra money and purchase additional items for a low cost to paint if you complete your projects and have extra time.
Challenge Course
Rope up and work together. Our challenge course teaches creative problem solving and how to work with people in activities like the Nitro Crossing or jumping off the Leap of Faith. Minimum 10 years and weight of 70 lbs.
Disc Golf
Have fun learning disc golf with our new course.
Experience theatrics! Spend your week strengthening your acting skills, then share what you have learned with a final performance at the conclusion of the week.
Learn to play the guitar and improve your skills
From handsprings to aerials, this class is guaranteed to make you a more flexible person.
You will get to ride a horse for a short trail ride.
Model Rocketry
The sky is the limit as you create your own model rocket, then watch as it shoots into the air with the rest of camp as your audience.
Mountain Biking
If you enjoy bicycling, the outdoors, and a good challenge, this is the class for you. Our instructors will guide you through the backwoods by single-track trails for all levels.
This summer you will take pictures using our digital cameras. Enjoy learning about composition, lighting and special editing techniques. The cost is for a thumb drive that the photos will be uploaded on to take home.
Experience the exhilaration of being the master of your own ship. Control your direction and destiny as you sail around the lake.
Whether you are a beginner or been around the block a few times, you will get to learn new skills and improve through the week with our experienced staff.
You will get to learn how to snorkel in the lake, view the fish in their natural habitat and dive for objects.
Sports Activities-Flag Football, Soccer
Have fun playing soccer and flag football
Swim Lessons
Experience the world of the guppies and barracudas. Then become one yourself as you work toward Red Cross and Pathfinder honors.
Learn how to play the ukulele or improve your skills with our musical staff
Learn a new skill riding on one wheel. In no time you'll be riding on your own.
Jump the wake or do the skier salute. Work on your AWSA awards and Pathfinder honors while having fun skiing, wakeboarding, or knee boarding behind our Ski Nautiques.
Water Toys: Blob, Iceburg and Aqua Jump
Enjoy some time on the waterfront with our fun water toys.
Wilderness Survival
Promote an understanding of the natural environment and the value of minimum-impact camping. The program also teaches the skills necessary to enjoy camping and the outdoors.
Theme T-Shirt
Theme T-Shirt - Youth Small+ $10.00
Theme T-shirt - Youth Medium+ $10.00
Theme T-Shirt - Youth Large+ $10.00
Theme T-Shirt - Youth X-Large+ $10.00
Theme T-Shirt - Adult Small+ $10.00
Theme T-Shirt - Adult Medium+ $10.00
Theme T-Shirt - Adult Large+ $10.00
Theme T-Shirt - Adult X-Large+ $10.00
Camper Care Package
The Goodie Box
Items Included: (1) small stuffed animal, (5) Snacks (1) Drink
Camper Care Package Days
Goodie Box
Monday+ $12.00
Tuesday+ $12.00
Wednesday+ $12.00
Thursday+ $12.00
Friday+ $12.00
Snack Box
Monday+ $8.00
Tuesday+ $8.00
Wednesday+ $8.00
Thursday+ $8.00
Friday+ $8.00
Airport Transportation
Round Trip Airport Transportation - Spokane Airport.
+ $45.00
Multi-week Discount$10.00
Mutli-sibling Discount
Discount for additional siblings attending camp
Membership Discount