Teen Camp
Join us for a week that is designed just for teens. Come feel the rush of being with friends you haven't seen all year; and hang out with one of the coolest staff around. The activities promise to wake up your adrenaline and leave you wanting more in addition you will have many opportunities to develop or deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Come join us this summer and turn an ordinary week into an unforgettable, life-changing experience!
North Star Camp
7/17/2022 4:00 PM - 7/24/2022 9:00 AM
Ages 12 - 17
Registration is no longer available
Bulls eye!! Learn the basics of proper archery and then have fun practicing your skills in a group setting.
Arts and Crafts
Sign up for this class and learn more techniques for a creative hands on experience!
Bell Choir
Our newest class this year is Bell Choir! We're excited for you to sign up for this class to learn a new skill and create beautiful music and memories.
Do you love horses or would you like to learn more about them? Hurry and sign up for this class to get more experience. It fills up fast!!
Mountain Bikes I
When you sign up for this class you will learn the basics of bike repair and maintenance. You will also have a chance to ride on some of the mountain bike trails at North Star Camp! Mountian bikes and helmets will be provided.
Mountain Bikes II
Are you a more experienced mountain biker? If so, this class is for you! You will be able to experience of the trails that North Star Camp has to offer. Mountain Bikes and helmets are provided.
Outdoor Adventure
Would you like to learn more about the amazing world we live in and increase your camping skills and "survival" techniques? If so, this is the class for you!
Rock Climbing
Climb to new heights when you sign up for Rock Climbing class! Challenge yourself in a safe environment with trained staff.
Get ready to have a great time with other campers and staff while you improve your skills in the sports being taught and maybe even learn a new sport!! Sign up with a friend!
If you're looking for a class that's fun but also delivers results, sign up for this Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing class. We think you'll love it!
Water skiing/Kneeboarding
We'll try to optimize your experience by teaching you a new skill or improving on the skills you already have. There's not many openings so sign up quick!
Bring a Friend Discount
If you have a friend that is coming to a youth camp for the first time enter their name (first and last). Note - this is ONLY for first time campers.
Church Sponsorship
Conference Sponsorship
Early Bird Discount
Receive this discount when you register by April 30, 2022!! Hurry!! Register today!
Second Child Discount
$25 off on second child from the same family.