TLM Sporting Clays Challenge
9/15/2023 - 9/16/2023
Ages 10 and up
Each event will have an individual cost.
Registration is no longer available
Annie Oakley Shootout
This is an elimination event on the new amphitheater platform.
Sporting Clays Challenge
This is a 75 target challenge through the sporting clays course. Shooters will shoot in groups of five, but scoring will be done on an individual basis.
Team Flurry
This event features 50 targets, presented within 90 seconds to each five member (Maximum) team. Shooters may shoot as many rounds as they are able to load and fire for as long as targets are in the air. The total number of broken targets will determine the winning team.
A $30 discount will be applied if you will be providing your own ammunition for the Sporting Clays Challenge.