Ballet 4 (Wednesdays)
Ballet is a classical form of dance with a codified syllabus and unique terminology. Ballet technique uses principles of body alignment, turn out, port de bras, adagio, and allegro. A ballet dance class will include emphasis on proper technique and terminology. Ballet dancers should be able to identify each skill, position, and movement by the correct term and be able to define that term. Ballet artistry focuses on grace, uniformity, power, and precision. Dancers participating in ballet will have a strong foundation in technique, flexibility, discipline, and strength.

Ballet curriculum refines foundational techniques established through previous levels while beginning to develop artistry, grace, and fluidity of movement. Dancers will be challenged in new ways and increase their strength, stamina, technique, and terminology knowledge. 

Ballet 4 requires promotion from CAS Ballet 3 or approval from the CAS Director of Dance.
Community Arts School
Thursdays, September 11th - May 23rd,
6:45pm - 8:15pm
WhistleStop Building, 611 W Bagley Rd, Berea, OH
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Registration will end on 10/10/2024.
Additional Fees:
CAS Recital Fees$95.00