Jazz 2
Jazz is an energetic and exhilarating class of rhythmic movement. This upbeat style combines elements of cultural dance, ballet technique, modern dance, and forms of popular dance. Jazz dance has many unique movement styles and its own vocabulary. Jazz dance classes contain isolation movements, strength based skills, stylized across the floor sequences, floorwork, jumps, and turns. Jazz dance encourages each dancer to find their own unique style of dance and self-expression.

Jazz 2 continues to develop the foundational technique established in Jazz 1 while increasing strength, stamina, and body awareness. Dancers will be challenged with new progressions, skills, and stylizations. 

Jazz 2 requires the prerequisite of either promotion from CAS Jazz 1 or approval from CAS Director of Dance
Community Arts School
Tuesdays, September 11th - May 23rd,
4:45pm - 5:40pm
WhistleStop Building, 599 W Bagley Rd, Berea, OH
This offering has openings
Registration will end on 10/7/2023.
Additional Fees:
CAS Recital Fees$95.00