Goat Walks
Goats walks will take place in the fields and trails behind the farm on 82 Ridge Street. Participants will gather in front of the goat pen to learn about the goat’s diet, behavior, jobs on the farm, and their overall health. The group, led by a farmer, will then head out on the walk with our 5 goats. Just like the goats, the group will stay together as a herd as the goats graze on what is left for greenery this time of year. If the goats are lucky, they might find a few acorns that the squirrels missed. Participants should be ready to hike over steep and off-camber terrain. The group will help by guiding the goats on the walk for about 30-45 minutes before leading them back to their pen. Participants are encouraged to pet the goats and take pictures with them. The walks are subject to cancellation during inclement weather. Please do not bring anything to feed the goats.

We ask that children 3+ participate as some of our animals can be overwhelming to our youngest human friends. (Tag-along children are welcome.)
12/1/2023 1:00 PM - 12/1/2023 2:00 PM
Ages 3 - 99
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Tiered Pricing - Youth Education
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+ $18.00
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