Leaders in Training (LIT)
7/26/2020 4:00 PM - 8/08/2020 10:00 AM
Grade 10th
This session has openings for males and females. Registration for this session will end on 7/24/2020.
Sound View's Leaders In Training (LIT) Program is a two (or three)-week program for those going into 10th grade. It is about fun, adventure, and a little responsibility. LITs learn firsthand what it means to be a leader in a camp setting through serving others and awesome discussions.

LITs put their new skills to use during their time at camp running programs and activities for the mini-campers.

Week 1: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - the LITs work on "kid skills and camp skills" to prepare them for a session of mini campers (6 to 9 year-olds). Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - the group assists with their first session of Mini Camp.

Week 2: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - another session of mini campers and the (now experienced) LITs implement another exciting program. After the "minis" leave - the LITs celebrate whilke still working on necessary skills in camp leadership and personal growth.

Learn how leadership fits into God's plan for you.
Available Options:
One Way from OlympiaBus to camp (one way) from Olympia. (Westminster Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
One Way from PuyallupBus ride (One Way) to camp from Puyallup. (First Presbyterian Church)+ $20.00  
One Way from SeattleBus trip (One Way) from Seattle. (Wedgwood Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
One Way from TacomaBus to camp (one way) from Tacoma. (Skyline Presbyterian).+ $20.00  
One Way from TukwilaBus to camp (one way) from Tukwila. Foster Pres./+ $20.00  
Return to OlympiaReturn bus (One Way) to Olympia. (Westminster Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
Return to PuyallupReturn bus trip (One Way) to Puyallup. (First Presbyterian Church)+ $20.00  
Return to SeattleReturn bus (One Way) to Seattle. (Wedgwood Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
Return to TacomaReturn bus (One Way) to Tacoma. (Skyline Presbyterian).+ $20.00  
Return to TukwilaOne way from Sound View to Tukwila. (Foster Pres)+ $20.00  
Round Trip from OlympiaRound trip bus to and from camp from Olympia (Westminster Presbyterian).+ $35.00  
Round Trip from PuyallupRound trip to and from Sound View from Puyallup. (First Presbyterian)+ $35.00  
Round Trip from SeattleRound Trip Bus to and from camp from Seattle (Wedgwood Presbyterian).+ $35.00  
Round Trip from TukwilaRound trip bus to and from camp from Tukwila (Foster Presbyterian).+ $35.00  
Round Trip from TacomaRound trip bus to and from camp from Tacoma (Skyline Presbyterian)+ $35.00  
AmountDiscount NameDescription
15%Early Bird DiscountFor those who register by April 1.
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