Expedition Session 1
7/12/2020 4:00 PM - 7/18/2020 10:00 AM
Ages 12 - 15
This session has openings. Registration for this session will end on 7/10/2020.
Are you ready for something different? Sound View Camp is located in a remarkable area of Puget Sound that just beckons exploration. Expedition campers are always on the go – ready to camp out (wherever), cook their own food, and meet new people. As an Expedition Camper, you get the best of both worlds on and off camp property.

Expedition campers learn canoeing/camping skills at Sound View before venturing out for the three-day canoe/bike adventure on Anderson Island.

Available Options:
One Way from OlympiaBus to camp (one way) from Olympia. (Westminster Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
One Way from PuyallupBus ride (One Way) to camp from Puyallup. (First Presbyterian Church)+ $20.00  
One Way from SeattleBus trip (One Way) from Seattle. (Wedgwood Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
One Way from TacomaBus to camp (one way) from Tacoma. (Skyline Presbyterian).+ $20.00  
One Way from TukwilaBus to camp (one way) from Tukwila. Foster Pres./+ $20.00  
Return to OlympiaReturn bus (One Way) to Olympia. (Westminster Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
Return to PuyallupReturn bus trip (One Way) to Puyallup. (First Presbyterian Church)+ $20.00  
Return to SeattleReturn bus (One Way) to Seattle. (Wedgwood Presbyterian)+ $20.00  
Return to TacomaReturn bus (One Way) to Tacoma. (Skyline Presbyterian).+ $20.00  
Return to TukwilaOne way from Sound View to Tukwila. (Foster Pres)+ $20.00  
Round Trip from OlympiaRound trip bus to and from camp from Olympia (Westminster Presbyterian).+ $35.00  
Round Trip from PuyallupRound trip to and from Sound View from Puyallup. (First Presbyterian)+ $35.00  
Round Trip from SeattleRound Trip Bus to and from camp from Seattle (Wedgwood Presbyterian).+ $35.00  
Round Trip from TukwilaRound trip bus to and from camp from Tukwila (Foster Presbyterian).+ $35.00  
Round Trip from TacomaRound trip bus to and from camp from Tacoma (Skyline Presbyterian)+ $35.00  
AmountDiscount NameDescription
15%Early Bird DiscountFor those who register by April 1.
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