SP24 Coyote Tracks Tuesday
4 Elements Earth Education provides programs that introduce Earth Skills—a blend of the ancient arts of tracking, wilderness survival, and nature awareness. Our curriculum and experienced instructors lead children, teens, and adults to read the landscape as stewards of the Earth. Through our programs, a re-thinking of our relationship to nature begins to occur: nature is not simply a resource that we control as a product, but a relationship we must cultivate.

Our Programs are inspired by Indigenous values and the old ways of Earth Skills, and are influenced by the Tracker School and each Instructor's own "dirt time" living these skills. Older children learn to use a knife safely and responsibly, and play games through natural terrain to heighten balance and situational awareness. Every session includes circle time and gratitude sharing.

We offer three suggested donation levels in order to make these community-supported programs accessible to all. By selecting a contribution level your family can afford, you are helping to keep these programs running. Thank you for your support!

(Note that we indicate payment in full is due by the first day of class, but please let us know if another payment arrangement/timeline will work better for your family.)
Philadelphia, PA
Tuesdays, 4/9-5/14
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Ages 8 - 12
Suggested Donation
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Suggested Donation
Level 1+ $400.00
Level 2+ $300.00
Level 3+ $200.00