LF21 - Earth Skills for Educators: Teacher Training Weekends

New for 2021!
Earth Skills for Educators: Teacher Training Weekends

November 13-14 & December 17-19, 2021
Burton Educational Preserve in Nevada City, CA. (map)

This course is designed for adults who have some experience teaching earth skills and working with youth. From that common foundation, these immersive weekends allow participants to share ideas, challenges and successes; learn new methods; fortify intentions; and affirm the necessity of this work with the support of peer educators and 4E's dedicated instructional staff.

This is a pilot course for 2021 that will be lead by Rick Berry over a 2-day weekend in November and a 3-day weekend in December. Participants will stay at 4E's Burton Educational site in Nevada City, and will have opportunities to interact with 4E’s Adult Fox Walkers program on Saturdays. We will provide food and supplies for a cook-out on each of the Saturday overnights. On the final night, participants will sleep in a shelter they build themselves.

Expect to leave each weekend newly inspired to connect youth with the skills of Shelter, Water, Fire, Food. I hope you will join us!

- Rick Berry

Some background...

Rick's 30 years of teaching experience, and more than 20 years experience directing east and west coast non-profits, have brought countless requests to train adults *how to teach to the youth* the Skills handed down through The Tracker School, Tom Brown Jr. from Stalking Wolf. Engaging and educating youth is vastly different than teaching adults, as one must teach through movement, games, awareness and skills, in a way that feels like a grand adventure—where there is space for “Natures curriculum” to unfold. We look to nature and adapt the way the coyote adapts. Hence we embrace “coyote” teaching methods.

As we adapt and evolve 4E is committed to honoring our Indigenous roots through Stalking Wolf. Without the story of Stalking Wolf, the bow-drill friction fire would simply be another so called “primitive technology” and may lose the heart-centered approach that considers it a caretaker of Earth Mother.
Burton Educational Preserve
Nov. 13-14 & Dec. 17-19
Ages 18 and up

Registration will end on 12/11/2021.
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