Camp Bette Perot
Camp Bette Perot ~ January 31- February 2, 2020- Totally Teamwork- Juniors
1/31/2020 - 2/2/2020
All costs listed are per person and total cost will reflect housing plus activity fees.
Registration for this session is no longer available
Totally Teamwork- Juniors

Come join us in the Raccoon Ridge unit at Camp Bette Perot for an exciting weekend of strengthening your teambuilding skills. You will work will your fellow campers to increase your abilities to work on a team as you all work to conquer the spiderweb, the blind maze, & more. You will be sleeping in a platform tent & meals will be provided, 3 on Saturday & Sunday breakfast.
Available Options:
BP- Overnight Housing or Day Use Selection
Platform Tent Unit- Raccoon Ridge
Ridge Tent 1 - Adult Females+ $60.00  
Ridge Tent 2+ $60.00  
Ridge Tent 3+ $60.00  
Ridge Tent 4- Adult Females+ $60.00  
Ridge Tent 5+ $60.00  
Ridge Tent 6+ $60.00  
Ridge Tent 7+ $60.00  
BP- Activity- EQ- Horseback Trail Ride
Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Trail Rides
Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Trail Ride Spaces- Saturday- 3:05 p.m. - 4:05 p.m.+ $30.00  
Adult Trail Ride Spaces
Adult Trail Ride Spaces- Saturday- 3:05 p.m.- 4:05 p.m.+ $30.00  
BP- Activity- Fishing
Fishing- Saturday- 1:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. (Brownies and Older)Fishing meets at the Sports Field and then everyone will walk to the fishing area together. The scheduled time period includes walking to and from the fishing area, basic fishing instruction, and time for participants to fish. Please note that this is a catch and release program. + $12.00  
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