Camp Bette Perot
Camp Bette Perot ~ March 6-8, 2020- Me & My Gal (Brownies and Older)
3/6/2020 - 3/8/2020
All costs listed are per person and total cost will reflect housing plus activity fees.
Registration for this session is no longer available
Me & My Gal (Brownies and Older)

Picture yourself aiming for a bull’s-eye on the archery range and enjoying the sights of camp during a horseback trail ride, all while spending time with your mom, grandmother, aunt, or other favorite female! Although you’ll have lots of time to spend together this weekend building a healthy relationship, girls are assigned cabins/ tents with other girls and adults will be housed in cabins/ tents with other adults in the same unit as the girl they came with. Meals are provided on Saturday and Sunday breakfast. (This is not a troop based event. Each family must register separately.)
Available Options:
BP- Overnight Housing or Day Use Selection
Cabin Unit- Bette's Treehouse (6th grade and up only)
Treehouse Cabin 1- Adult Females+ $80.00  
Treehouse Cabin 2 (6th grade and up only)+ $80.00  
Treehouse Cabin 3 (6th grade and up only)+ $80.00  
Treehouse Cabin 4 (6th grade and up only)+ $80.00  
Treehouse Cabin 5- Adult Females+ $80.00  
Cabin Unit- Horseshoe Arch
Arch Cabin 2Unavailable
Arch Cabin 3+ $80.00  
Arch Cabin 4+ $80.00  
Arch Cabin 5- Adult Females+ $80.00  
Cabin Unit- Horseshoe Bend
Bend Cabin 2Unavailable
Bend Cabin 3Unavailable
Bend Cabin 4Unavailable
Cabin Unit- Horseshoe Hollow
Hollow Cabin 1 - Adult Females+ $80.00  
Hollow Cabin 2+ $80.00  
Hollow Cabin 3+ $80.00  
Hollow Cabin 4+ $80.00  
Hollow Cabin 5- Adult Females+ $80.00  
Platform Tent Unit- Raccoon Ridge
Ridge Tent 2Unavailable
Ridge Tent 3Unavailable
Ridge Tent 5Unavailable
Ridge Tent 6Unavailable
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