Camp Bette Perot
Camp Bette Perot ~ November 22-24, 2019- He & Me
11/22/2019 - 11/24/2019
All costs listed are per person and total cost will reflect housing plus activity fees.
Registration for this session is no longer available
He and Me (Brownies and Older)

Enjoy a fun-filled weekend at camp with your favorite 'Guy' as you relax on a horseback trail ride, go fishing, & more! Although you’ll have lots of time to spend together this weekend, girls are assigned cabins/ tents with other girls and males will be housed in cabins/ tents with other males in the same unit as the girl they came with. (This is not a troop based event.) Meals will be provided from Saturday breakfast until Sunday breakfast.
Available Options:
BP- Overnight Housing or Day Use Selection
Cabin Unit- Bette's Treehouse (6th grade and up only)
Treehouse Cabin 1- Adult Males+ $90.00  
Treehouse Cabin 2 (6th grade and up only)+ $90.00  
Treehouse Cabin 3 (6th grade and up only)+ $90.00  
Treehouse Cabin 4 (6th grade and up only)+ $90.00  
Treehouse Cabin 5- Adult males+ $90.00  
Cabin Unit- Horseshoe Arch
Arch Cabin 1- Adult Males+ $90.00  
Arch Cabin 2+ $90.00  
Arch Cabin 3+ $90.00  
Arch Cabin 4+ $90.00  
Arch Cabin 5- Adult Males+ $90.00  
Cabin Unit- Horseshoe Bend
Bend Cabin 1- Adult Males+ $90.00  
Bend Cabin 2+ $90.00  
Bend Cabin 3+ $90.00  
Bend Cabin 4+ $90.00  
Bend Cabin 5- Adult MalesThis cabin has a ramp, rather than stairs, to the front porch.+ $90.00  
Cabin Unit- Horseshoe Hollow
Hollow Cabin 1- Adult Males+ $90.00  
Hollow Cabin 2+ $90.00  
Hollow Cabin 3+ $90.00  
Hollow Cabin 4+ $90.00  
Hollow Cabin 5- Adult Males+ $90.00  
Platform Tent Unit- Raccoon Ridge
Ridge Tent 1- Adult Males+ $90.00  
Ridge Tent 2+ $90.00  
Ridge Tent 3+ $90.00  
Ridge Tent 4+ $90.00  
Ridge Tent 5+ $90.00  
Ridge Tent 6+ $90.00  
Ridge Tent 7- Adult Males+ $90.00  
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