November Respite Weekend
Our Respite Weekend Camps offer campers the opportunity to catch their breaths.....The school year can be an intense time for young people. Life at home can be overwhelming. Our Respite Weekends are designed so the campers can relax, refresh and reset from all the craziness life maybe throwing at them. Campers get to interact with other children their age and enjoy time with mature, responsible staff members.

Sometimes that is playing games, other times it might be creating a craft or simply coloring. Depending on the weather, we try to get outside and be active. The most important goal is for the kids to have an enjoyable time!

A focal point of our program is to help our campers learn life skills....meaning we help them learn how to cooperate with others, solve problems when they arise, be kind to others, cooperate so everyone can have a great experience and make our time together is fun for everyone!

Campers arrive on Friday evenings at 7pm and stay with us until Sunday at 1pm. Average attendance is usually 16 to 30 campers. Campers are placed in cabin groups of up to 9 children and there are always 2 staff members(at least one adult) in each cabin.

We can't wait to see you and your family! If you have questions please feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us at (269)521-3559 or or
Friday, November 3 - 7pm thru Sunday, November 5 - 1pm
Ages 7 - 14
Registration is no longer available