Wet & Wild Senior Day Camp
8/05/2019 8:00 AM - 8/09/2019 2:00 PM
Daily schedule is 8am to 5:30pm, except Friday when pick up is at 2pm
Ages 8 - 16
$285 non-4-H Members/$235 4-H Members. Tuition includes all activities, room and board, one-way emails(parent to camper, printed and delivered each day), access to exclusive photo gallery, a digital copy of our weekly camper video, group photo, t-shirt,
Registration for this session is no longer available
Let’s get WET and Wild. Water balloon fights, swimming, canoeing, kayaking water rockets and many other water based activities will be our focus. Not to mention time on the water front playing in the same or even sitting on the dock enjoy the sun. We look forward to jumping into getting WET & WILD with you and your friends!!! All our traditional camp activities will be available to try as well!

Our senior day camp gives children whose schedule is too full to stay overnight or for the camper who is a little older but not quite ready to be a way from home for a week the chance to experience the special times and feelings which only camp offer. Senior day campers join overnight campers for all activities, free-times, and other programs and activities. In essence they are overnight campers, but have the chance to go home each evening.

4-H Camp Kidwell offers Senior Day Camp (Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30pm, expect Friday pick is at 2pm), sessions for children ages 7-16. These sessions allow campers the opportunity to enjoy traditional camp activities like swimming, canoeing, drama, crafts, sports and games, ropes and archery as well as other activities such as large group games, campfire, nature exploration, friendship building and much more.

Each Session has a theme that allows the campers to enjoy something different and exciting each week. These themes are also shared in the activities the campers enjoy. IE....during wet and wild week, campers may make a boat in crafts and have a race, but Shipwrecked week campers might make a picture frame out of nature items. We also have special events during each week based on the theme. IE....a Mad Scientist will join us during Mad Science week to lead experiments and encourage to explore in the activities they do.

During Senior Day camp, campers will not be be able to choose horseback riding as one of their daily schedule activities(to work with horses each day, please register for a Horse Crazy Camp) but they will have a chance to sign up to ride during free time once or twice during their stay.

Senior Day Campers are assigned to groups and each group will have at least 2 staff members.

All staff members must attend our staff leadership training and go through our leadership training before they can work with our campers. Staff members who are 18 or older have background checks performed and all staff members provide references and go through an thorough interview process.

Wet and Wild
AmountDiscount NameDescription
Early RegistrationIf registered on or before March 15, 2019. Discount will apply automatically and if you meet the criteria should appear at check out. This discount can not be applied after the reservation process has been completed. This discount can only be applied once per year per camper.
$25.00Multi-Week DiscountIf a camper attends more than one week of camp in the same season they can receive $25 off for each week after the first. IE...attending three weeks of camp is $50 off.
$25.00New Camper/Buddy DiscountIf a camper is new to Camp Kidwell they can receive a $25 discount. New camper status will be verified. Or if a returning camper recruits a new camper to attend a camp session, they can receive a $25 discount. To receive code for this discount, please be sure the new camper is registered for camp and contact our office so we can verify registration. Coupon code must be used to apply this discount to purchases. This discount can not be applied after the reservation process has been completed. This Discount can only be applied by a camper to one week of camp per year.
$25.00Sibling DiscountFamilies can receive a sibling discount if they register more than one sibling for a session of camp in the same season. This sibling will be worth $25
$25.00Special DiscountsCamper receives $25 discount by receiving a code at an event or from a promotion. Coupon code must be used to apply discount to purchases. This discount can not be applied after the reservation process has been completed. This discount can only be applied by a camper to one week of camp per year.
$25.00Staff Member DiscountIf you have spoke with a staff member and they have given you a code, you can receive a $25 discount!
$50.00YesMembership Discount
$50.00YesMembership Discount
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