Adventure 56
Adventure 56
June 16-18
Director: Elisabeth Phillips
Fees: $188

While we live in this world full of sin, it is important to remember who presides over it all. As we unpack many GREATER statements through the Bible, we hope to teach our campers that it doesn't have to rest on their shoulders, but His and His alone. That there is ONE that is GREATER, who has already bore the greatest burden of all.

This camp will begin at 4PM on Sunday, June 16th, and will be over at Noon on Tuesday the 18th. Adventure Camp is a great opportunity for campers who enjoy smaller group sizes or like "outdoorsy" activities. These campers will do the normal camp stuff, but also, bike rides, fishing, cooking over a fire, and sleeping in tents.

Early Bird discount of $10 is offered thru April 30. Our fees always start at about 75% of the total cost, but we know it can still be expensive. We are offering sibling discounts. The first camper / sibling fees will be as listed, the 2nd camper will get a 10% discount, the 3rd camper will get a 20% discount, and 4th camper (and beyond) will get a 25% discount of the listed fees. We can't wait to see everyone!

6/16/2024 4:00 PM - 6/18/2024 12:00 PM
Grades 5th - 6th
Registration is no longer available
Early Bird Registration
$10 discount if you register BEFORE May 1st.
Sibling Discount - 2 Campers
When registering a second camper, the second camper gets a 10% discount off of the listed fees.
Sibling Discount - 3 campers
When Registering a 3rd camper, the 3rd camper receives a 15% discount off of the listed fees
Sibling Discount - 4 campers
When registering a fourth camper, the fourth camper (and beyond)gets a 20% discount off of listed camper fees