School Year Programs
Catalyst 2.0 After School - Nov Session (Mon/Wed)
October 26 - November 18
4-5:30 PM (PDT)
Ages 8 - 13
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Come join us after school for some hands-on tinkering fun!

Your tinkerer will have a chance to stretch their imagination and learn new skills as we tackle a bunch of exciting, open ended design challenges together.

Each week will have a new build theme (it's always a surprise) and who knows what we might end up making – could be anything from a motorized ice-cream truck to a mechanized extender arms!

Before the session start date, we will send you a kit full of building supplies including among other things, the popular Catalyst motors kit and a Catalyst booster pack with extra electrical components such as LEDs and switches. We’ll also provide sheets of cardboard, tape and other crafting materials to incorporate into our designs and scale up our projects big time! 

We will be gathering together virtually using Zoom, and we'll spend a majority of our time in smaller breakout rooms of no more than 6 tinkerers with one staff member.

Please note that we need to reach minimum enrollment in order to run the session or it will be canceled.  We will notify you within one week of the start date to let you know if the session will run.

We look forward to tinkering with you soon!
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We are committed to making sure everyone who wants to attend Tinkering School can do so. We offer scholarships on a pay-what-you-can basis while funds last. Please check here if you'd like to apply for financial assistance. Doing so will allow you to register for this session while only having to put down a $5 deposit. We will follow up with you after you sign up to determine final pricing. If for what ever reason we can't work it out, we will refund you the deposit. When you are in "My Cart," click "Proceed to Payment" then "Other Payment Options" then "Financial Aid Plan."
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