Camp Maripai
CIT III MP - Week 7
7/14/2019 2:00 PM - 7/19/2019 2:00 PM
Grades 11 - 12
$60 - $95
Focus Area:
Life Skills
This session has openings for females. Registration for this session will end on 6/29/2019.
If you have completed CIT 1 and CIT 2, then you may be ready for CIT 3! This program allows you to work in units alongside counselors, or specialize in select program areas like archery, arts & crafts, science, Heritage or naturalist. Must complete application and interview with the Camp Director for approval prior to paying for the session. Prerequisite: CIT 2 and entering grade 12. CIT 3 at Maripai no longer specialize in Barn. If interested in that program register for BIT 3, the NEW session for this focus area.
Available Options:
Tiered Pricing
Tier 1 - $60Reflects our historically low rate, made possible by grants, donations and the cookie programs.+ $60.00  
Tier 2 - $75Helps sustain camp and falls about halfway between the Tier 1 rate and the full cost of the camp session.+ $75.00  
Tier 3 - $95Reflects the true cost per camper including relative costs for program supplies, insurance, facilities upkeep, food and camp staff salaries.+ $95.00  
Camp Kit
Camp Kit #1Camp Kit #1 includes:
-Drawstring backpack
-Water Bottle
-Water Bottle Holder

+ $20.00  
Camp T-Shirt
Camp T-Shirt - Youth Medium+ $12.00  
Camp T-Shirt - Youth Large+ $12.00  
Camp T-Shirt - Adult Small+ $12.00  
Camp T-Shirt - Adult Medium+ $12.00  
Camp T-Shirt - Adult Large+ $12.00  
Camp T-Shirt - Adult X-Large+ $12.00  
Camper Postcards
Camper PostcardImagine! Getting a hand-written postcard mailed to you from your camper!! To encourage the lost art of letter-writing, we are offering our campers a way to keep in touch with their family and friends through snail mail!!! Your camper will get 3 postcards.+ $3.00  
Trading Post
$5 Trading Post Credit+ $5.00  
$10 Trading Post Credit+ $10.00  
$15 Trading Post Credit+ $15.00  
$20 Trading Post Credit+ $20.00  
$25 Trading Post Credit+ $25.00  
$30 Trading Post Credit+ $30.00  
$35 Trading Post Credit+ $35.00  
$40 Trading Post Credit+ $40.00  
$45 Trading Post Credit+ $45.00  
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