Resurrection Retreat
4/18/2019 5:00 PM - 4/21/2019 1:00 PM
Cost: $60 Conf fee, $73/adult/night meals and lodging, $37 teens, $28 age 5 to 12 yrs old, 4 and below free.
Registration for this session is no longer available
Join us in our celebration of the Risen Lord! Enjoy an uplifting and meaningful weekend of rich fellowship, great teaching, and worship, including the Easter morning Sunrise Service. A full children’s program from nursery through high school will be offered during adult teaching sessions.

Resurrection Retreat begins on Thursday night with a traditional Seder dinner. The Messiah’s redemptive love is revealed in this festive meal. Especially attractive to children, the courses, elements and songs put on vivid display God’s plan of a Passover lamb.
Available Options:
Resurrection Retreat Conference Fees
$60 Conference Fees pay for speaker costs, children's programs, staffing, and materials cost.. + $60.00  
2019 Select Number of Nights
OneI /We are spending 1 night at the Springs
TwoI /We are spending 2 nights at the Springs
ThreeI /We are spending 3 nights at the Springs
AmountDiscount NameDescription
30%Cadet, Midshipman, College StudentCadets, Midshipmen and College Students attending independently receive a 30% discount on lodging and meals. If your child is a college student, the office will apply a 30% discount to the student's meals and lodging. This discount will be applied for your guest that meets these criteria. Thank you
10%Family of Deployed MemberFamilies of Deployed service members, or service members recently returned from deployment (within 6 months), receive a 10% discount on lodging and meals.
10%First Time GuestWELCOME! This discount is available for first time families,couples or individuals. Please select if you have never visited WSS before.
$0.00Large Family Discount"Hello, our family has a lot of kids and would like to save some money." WSS has got your back! Families with 5 or more children must register all their children, but will be refunded meals and lodging for all except the oldest 4 children. Refund will not appear immediately in your bill. Please contact the WSS office to manually apply discount.
10%Pay Grade Disc 01-03Junior officers (01-03) receive a 10% discount on lodging and meals.
20%Pay Grade Disc E1-E9Enlisted members receive a 20% discount on lodging and meals.
10%Referral DiscountWe are bringing new friends or family to WSS. It's their first time!! And we made it happen. Please select if you referred a new guest to White Sulphur Springs.
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