Winter Retreat #3
12/30/2018 6:00 PM - 1/02/2019 10:00 AM
Adults: Meals and Lodging $75/night, descending rates for children, 0-4 yrs free, Conference fee varies by length of stay
Registration for this session is no longer available
Winter Retreat #3 is SOLD OUT. Thank you and God Bless
Available Options:
Winter Retreat 2018/2019 Conference Fees
Conference fee for 1-2 night(s) stayPlease select this option if you are staying for 1 or 2 nights at WSS. Thank you! So glad you are coming to stay with us.+ $25.00  
Conference fee for 3 or more nightsPlease select this option if you are staying for 3 or more nights at WSS. Thank you for being our guest. We look forward to serving you!+ $50.00  
2019 Select Number of Nights
OneI /We are spending 1 night at the Springs
TwoI /We are spending 2 nights at the Springs
ThreeI /We are spending 3 nights at the Springs
Winter Retreat 2018/19 Night Selection
WR #3 Night Selection
Sunday, Dec 30
Monday, Dec 31 Welcome 2019!
Tuesday, Jan 1 New Year's Day
AmountDiscount NameDescription
30%Cadet, Midshipman, College StudentCadets, Midshipmen and College Students attending independently receive a 30% discount on lodging and meals. If your child is a college student, the office will apply a 30% discount to the student's meals and lodging. This discount will be applied for your guest that meets these criteria. Thank you
10%Family of Deployed MemberFamilies of Deployed service members, or service members recently returned from deployment (within 6 months), receive a 10% discount on lodging and meals.
10%First Time GuestWELCOME! This discount is available for first time families,couples or individuals. Please select if you have never visited WSS before.
10%Fresh baked Christmas cookie discountThe time to act is now, register for Winter Retreat before Oct 8th (end of Columbus Day weekend) and receive 10% discount! After all, you can sneak an early Christmas cookie!
10%Pay Grade Disc 01-03Junior officers (01-03) receive a 10% discount on lodging and meals.
20%Pay Grade Disc E1-E9Enlisted members receive a 20% discount on lodging and meals.
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