RISE Upper Camp - Half Day - July 19 - 23
June 21 through August 6 • Weekly Sessions
Full day (8:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)
Ages 8-14

RISE camp is the ultimate choose-your-own adventure!

Our energetic camp staff of experienced teachers and coaches, ambitious college students, and exceptional high schoolers (many of whom were RISE campers) will guide and inspire kids as they get a taste of everything that interests them. Established in 1963, Moses Brown’s RISE camp offers arts, academics, science, sports, adventure, and fun.

Upper Camp is designed with innovative and fun courses for children who have completed grades two through seven. Most Upper Camp courses are open to children ages 8-14, though some are only for ages 8-11 or 12-14. (*Caveat: the in-depth nature of some courses requires that they only be available to children attending RISE for three or more weeks.)

RISE Tuition
(Please note built-in multi-week discount!)
(Early Bird and Sibling Discounts, and Financial Aid also available.)


7 weeks – $1,245
6 weeks – $1,100
5 weeks – $940
4 weeks – $770
3 weeks – $590
2 weeks – $400
1 week – $200

Average weekly price over 7 weeks - $178

Moses Brown School
7/19/2021 - 7/23/2021
8:45 AM - 12:30 PM
Ages 8 - 14
$200/week - tuition reduction for 3 or more weeks
This is full
Arts and Crafts Creations
Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Color-iphic Color Mixing, Cardboard Creations, Small Crafts, Bookmaking, Animal Drawing, Jewelry Making, Mixed Media- 2D and 3D collage, clay, painting and gel medium, Watercolors.
Come Create With Me
Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Street Art, Print and Paper Making, Clay, Open Air Watercolor, T-shirt Time, Slime Time, Paper Crafts, Scrunchy-Mask- and Friendship Bracelets, Gnome Home and Fairy House Creating, Origami.
Creating, Producing and Acting
Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Movie Magic Makers, RISE Revolution (camp newspaper,) Debate, Creating a News Show, Improv, Comic and Flip book Creations, Creative Writing.
Mix It Up
Campers will participate in a variety of thematic courses such as, but not limited to, Birthday Party Games, Games in the Grove, Frisbee Golf, Ball Games, Cards, Make Your Own Board Games, Watercolors, Jewelry Making, Messy Science.
Science and Building
Campers will participate in courses such as, Woodshop, Lego Mania, Messy Science, Duct Tape ProDUCTivity, States of Matter, Exploration of Buoyancy and Density,
Sport Madness
Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Basketball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, Games in the Grove, Four Square, RISE Olympics.
Prorate Discount