Spring Tots Soccer, Saturday, Westland Middle School Field, 9:45 am (Age 3)
Brit-Am Soccer Academy provides age appropriate training for players in our Tots Soccer Programs from ages 2-5. Most programs meet once a week, for 8 weeks.

Dates: Saturday April 6- June 1 (8 Weeks). No class May 25
Time: 9:45- 10:20 am
Location: Westland Middle School, 5511 Massachusetts Ave, Bethesda, MD 20816.

MINI TOTS Age 3 (age by first day of class)
The Mini Tots program for players age 3 includes games that focus on dribbling and shooting, as well improving agility, balance and coordination. Our Beginner Mini Tots classes for players age 3 introduce the real game gradually through a wide range of imaginative games to keep children entertained and engaged. As the program progresses to the Advanced Mini Tots for players age 3.5-4.5, coaches begin to introduce more advanced games which will challenge players both physically and mentally.
40 minutes, $200 for 8 weeks.

For specific questions, contact us at info@brit-am.com.
Spring Outdoor Weekend Soccer
4/6/2024 9:45 AM - 6/1/2024
9:45 AM - 10:20 AM
Age 3
Westland Middle School Field
Registration is no longer available
Spring Sibling/Multi week discount for Tots
Receive $10 off each additional child attending a program.