Covid Policy: Covid vaccinations are recommended for your camper but not required for them to attend JA Camp summer 2024. A Covid test may be required on site. This is subject to change before June 2024.

KATFISH Camp provides a safe and inclusive environment for families with a child diagnosed with rheumatic disease to come together and enjoy a weekend of camp! Campers and family members of all ages will participate in a variety of activities including: Swimming, rock wall, ropes course, campfire, and education around diagnosis and support! Throughout the weekend our camp families foster strong relationships with others who understand their challenges. We strive to help youth and families develop coping and advocacy skills, increase independence and confidence, and gain medical knowledge to further understand their diagnosis.

Saturday morning families and kids will participate in separate sessions centered around education, support, networking and fun activities for the kids. That afternoon families will meet up to participate in traditional summer camp activities of their choice and based on what is available.
7/26/2024 - 7/28/2024
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